Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Corey Lewandowski Frame

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really would have liked Roger Stone to have addressed this, but as it is left to me again in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter......not to be found on the Conservative Treehouse nor any other outlet which houses CIA and FBI minders, with Clinton, Bush and Cruz trolls smearing this blog, this is the reality.

Corey Lewandowski is thee most effective campaign manager in this race or any race, since Lee Atwater breathed life into the morbidity of HW Bush. This entire frame up of Mr. Lewandowski is about filleting off the stupid woman vote.

This was started by the Bush Clinton ad smearing Mrs. Trump, which then lying Ted Cruz tried to blame Mr. Trump for the cheating Ted Cruz stories, which then with that Sykes set up for the establishment along with that GOPliter Scott Walker, brings us to Wisconsin in the fictional "assault" on this Michelle Fields.

Fields reward in this scam is book sales. Everyone knows this is a fraud on her part and her "witness". I will though exclusively post here the 3 photos that prove the fraud at second 4, second 5 and second 6 in the police video which was released.

At second 4 we see a situation where Mr. Trump has just walked away from Ms. Fields, after she grabbed his arm twice. You can see Mr. Lewandowski approaching .

At second 5, we witness the contact, in there was absolutely no grabbing, no throwing down, and if you notice something else, there is absolutely no reaction from Ms. Fields as anyone would have been pulling away by instinct if someone was squeezing her arm and hurting her enough to leave those red marks.

At second 6, is the damning evidence of the Michelle Fields lie. Mr. Lewandowski literally had ONE SECOND of contact in brushing by this woman. Notice what is going on, in none of the people around them has reacted. Meaning that there was absolutely no violent action taken by Mr. Lewandowski, or the witnesses would have reacted.

Observe Ms. Fields closely in this. Her action is not one of reaction, but she is continuing forward toward Donald Trump and where Mr. Lewandowski is. She does not attack Mr. Lewandowski, she does not call attention, she does not recoil. Instead her action upon contact with Ms. Fields is to continue on with what Mr. Trump wanted not any part of, and that was continued contact with this woman.

That is proof, because human psychology is definite in when you are hurt, you either stop, run away or attack. Ms. Fields does none of those normal behaviors. She instead acts normally as a propagandist and continues on attempting to accost Mr. Trump, and you will notice that if Mr. Lewandowski had actually taken action against her, his normal reaction would have been to block further progress in shielding Mr. Trump and beginning to summon Secret Service if anything had taken place.

We know that two Secret Service Agents are backing Mr. Lewandowski and terming Ms. Fields a fraud.

Those are the facts, and the reality is Ted Cruz is in league with Clinton and Bush, with the GOPliters to manufacture events to smear Donald Trump, and the entire process this week for Wisconsin is to fillet stupid women off from voting for Donald Trump, and for Ted and Heidi Cruz to play the victim in this.

This is all being backed by faked polls again, and the entire media attempting to destroy the innocent Corey Lewandowski.

Watch the video. Go full screen. Stop it at each second and study it. It proves this Michelle Fields is a liar, like Ted Cruz. The only two people who will benefit from this lie are Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton and with the female prosecutor being a Hillary advocate, we again have the exact same mix as in the smear against Mrs. Trump.

No one else is explaining this except the Lame Cherry again in matter anti matter exclusives. All you are receiving instead is more GOPliter propaganda.

That is how the GOPliters and Hillary Clinton, in using liar Ted Cruz to steal the nomination from Donald Trump.

When this settles out, federal charges need to be brought against Michelle Fields for fraud, intimidation, making false reports to the police and for her assault upon the Trump campaign in this Cruz, Clinton and Bush conspiracy to defraud the American people of their right to a free and fair election.

Additional Note:

The bruise photo submitted by Michelle Fields has glaring problems, and I invite each of you to grab your left forearm at this moment and simply hang on, and notice where your finger tips are.

If you notice Michelle Fields photo, the finger tips are lined up, while your finger tips would be leaving an uneven pattern.
Futhermore you probably noticed that as you grab your arm, that your fingertips are by the ulna and not the radius bone. Furthermore if you tried to place your finger tips in the radius bone location, that your arm naturally rotates out of your grasp. Furthermore from Mr. Lewandowski's angle it is logical his grasp would have had the bruises on the underside of Ms. Field's arm and not on top.

The bruises in any scenario do not match location, the large size of a man's hand on a smaller female arm, nor ........they are lined up, when they should be uneven, and most importantly it is the MIDDLE FINGER which is the strength and would leave the largest bruise, not  the pointing finger leaving a thumb sized imprint.

Additional Update:

Who told you this was ALL ABOUT filleting off the stupid female vote.


We shall see how stupid the females are in Wisconsin.

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