Monday, March 7, 2016

The GOPliter Vote Fraud Against Republicans

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My children and my brats, you will notice the absolute silence on Drudge and the right and left wing media of the vote fraud in the American elections, and I will let you in on some insider information, that those stories had skyscraper numbers in the numbers of people who were reading them. What that means is that Donald Trump does have that 60 plus percent voter popularity, as a proof that there are two things at work in this in GOPliter vote fraud in switching Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio's name for that of Donald Trump when Mr. Trump's numbers are in the 50% range, and if not, it is initiating again the Andreu Riera 15% vote skimming as was done in Kentucky and Louisiana......because none of the voting matches the polling......unless you start factoring in that 15% vote skimming.

What I desire to address though is something which Mark Steyn, the Canadian, who was filling in for Rush Limbaugh on Monday was scripted to condition the Limbaugh listeners. The thing is Rush Limbaugh is better at brainwashing people without offending them. I mean Rush is a mind rapist who has his hand in the little boys pants as he sucks on a lolly before the kid or parents figure out something is wrong. Steyn though just comes in and bitch slaps everyone to do the deed.

This is important for the Cruz Boogers and Rubio Cummers in what Steyn said, as the GOPliters have switched the propaganda in a bitch slap today. Your Rush Limbaugh featured a Mark Steyn who called Donald Trump a big hand con man, Cruz was a Canadian, and Rubio was sweaty.......meaning Steyn was TRASHING everyone, exactly as I warned you Rubio and Cruz voters. There is not any way any tan skin is going to be allowed to head the GOPliter ticket. That is why Mitt Romney was lurking around for the convention in he is the hopeful last choice.
You have to get this point when I told you that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton were the 2016 nominees. Joel Scoursen can tell you what he was told in this was supposed to be a Jeb patsy or his replacement like Romney, but that was never the case. When I told you that Jeb Bush would be in the White House only if he could steal it back from Hillary, that is what I meant...........MEANING Hillary Clinton was the choice and has always been the choice.
That is what this is all about.

Mark Steyn then blurted out the smarmy reality, not of VOTE FRAUD, but the scam in this that Donald Trump in the art of the deal, can not close the deal. Well, that is a great deal like General George Armstrong Custer, having 2/3rds of his command abandon him, not follow orders, and then blame Custer for being murdered, when this same elite set him up to be murdered.

That is the reality of Donald Trump. No one from Richard Nixon, to Norm Coleman to Sarah Palin can win an election when the police state has initiated cheating. That is what is behind Donald Trump's numbers. The GOPliters have stolen states, and the GOPliters have marginalized his wins, and now comes Mark Steyn with the kill shot of questioning Donald Trump's ability to win. All of this has been scripted in one of the many scenarios and that is what is being engaged in now to steal this from the American people.

Now do you get the 40 million loaded guns  for Donald Trump, and why the time will have to come if Mr. Trump wants this job, that he is going to have to call out the guard?

You do realize that the National Review just issued a threat in keeping an enemies list, starting with Jeff Sessions and Chris Christie and these GOPliters are going to destroy these Americans, and that will include you as you are a threat to their monopoly.

I had hoped that my warnings here would have gotten through the emotional walls of the Boogers and the Cummers, because I told you that Donald Trump needed such massive vote numbers to intimidate the GOPliters from the threat now taking place. I did not factor in as in Kansas, that this group of crooks would put different people's names, like Sanders on Clinton wins, and Cruz on Trump wins in such blatant fraud, but this group is so thugocracy now that the police state will protect them from every crime, because if the system does not protect these criminals, they are all going to hang literally.

What is taking place in Mark Steyn's GOPliters today is not a movement to win the Presidency for the Republicans. Instead it is what Marco Rubio is on a mission to do, and that is destroy the Republican party and install Mrs. Clinton. I repeat your right wing press is now engaged in an all out effort to make Hillary Clinton the President.

They will try and blame Donald Trump, but in inquiry what I am picking up in the matrix at this date is the GOPliters are going to nominate Rand Paul, who will burn out. The Trump majority will stay home, which means that Hillary Clinton will win in a landslide and that Democrats will control least that is what McConnell has been told, but unless Robert Mercer employs a new vote program, the last one in 2012 was not able to differentiate between candidates in national and state elections. It was one Obama size fit all so all the Republicans suffered while all the democrats prospered.

The Cruz and Rubio voters are fools. They have only been tools in this and that is all they ever will be, as the GOPliters hate the Tea Party, hate Pro Life, and that is what the Cruz and Rubio voters are. They never stopped to think that they were being led out like lemmings over the edge.

From my blog posts and other monitoring I have been engaged in, I know that the Americans have the numbers, but they are such witless creatures in not figuring out their elections are being stolen from Donald Trump. It will all hinge on the reality if Donald Trump will arise to become the iron fist he is going to have to be, to be President, or if he will allow this to be stolen from him, and then not realize until it is too late that, he is going to be ramrodded into prison and his children scattered to felony camps, as the GOPliters are not going to stop, just like with LaVoy Finicum and Ammon Bundy, until they crush the Trumps, and the GOPliters will come for every American then too, as they will never allow anyone to rise again.
What Sherman did to Georgia will be small compared to what is coming.

This vote fraud in both the democrat and Republican parties must become the talking point to give Donald Trump the cover he requires. The message has now reached millions through this blog. We continue on.

Move by the left flank.

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