Monday, March 7, 2016

The Power Behind Ted Cruz Election Fraud

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In the continuing series exposing the crimes of Rafael Ted Cruz in his various forms of felony, there is the interesting story of Robert Mercer, for it was Robert Mercer the zombie bot billionaire, who found ways to write programming to keep from paying taxes and to quickly steal your savings from your Wall Street investments in fast trades, who allowed Ted Cruz and Heidi Cruz to stab the Rockefellers and Bush families in the back, after using them, because Mercer provided the insider step up that Cruz was looking for in his illegal presidential run.

“an icey cold poker player [who] never recalled having a nightmare.”

Everything in the vote fraud which Cruz committed in Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Alaska and Maine points to Robert Mercer who has a profound talent for writing computer code in simplified terms to overthrow the existing programs in his form of hybrid codex.

There is something strange about the Mercer Cruz axis, as it had little to do with the zombie bot billionaire, but had more to do with his middle daughter, Rebekah, a debt trader who now manages the Mercer Foundation, which is nothing but another billionaire fund to brainwash the masses to their way of thought to rule the masses.

It was at a Club For Growth PAC meeting that Cruz met Mercer and the daughter, and then something strange happened, as immediately Rebekah Mercer had Ted Cruz over to her apartment where he was wined, honored and celebrated.
Yes a first meeting, and the next thing you know is Ted Cruz is in a woman's apartment being treated like the lord and master.

Upon inquiry it does not appear that Ted Cruz sexed Rebekah Mercer who seems to pop out numbers of children who look like Ted Cruz, but something else took place, which hints that the Mercers have bigger designs on the US cash flow. In other words, a quid pro quo has been reached in which Ted Cruz in the White House will hand over all stewardship to Mercer in the entire united computer systems of the US regime, and that will include the trillions in the budget.

This now appears that Robert Mercer is ensuring his purchase of Ted Cruz in those odd Cruz victories. This has gone beyond the failed Cruz Boogers being programmed, as there were not enough to win an election. This is about who in the Ted Cruz sphere would be able to write completely new vote fraud software to steal the election from Donald Trump, in overriding existing software, and do it so fast and cleverly that no one would be able to detect it.

Now, in his support for Cruz, Mercer is backing a presidential candidate whose campaign says it is microtargeting voters using cutting-edge “psychographic” analysis that measures interests, attitudes and opinions.

The only person in the Cruz sphere who fits this description is Robert Mercer, and it is at this point that an FBI and FEC investigation open on the Ted Cruz campaign as extensive as the Hillary Clinton criminal computer operations.

“I’ve taken great pleasure in programs that do remarkable things,” Mercer said in the speech he gave last year when he received an award for computational linguistics.

Ted Cruz has a history of promising anyone anything behind closed doors to get what he wants.  If it is sodomites, he is promising them pedophilia, if it is Bryan Fischer he is promising them carte blanche to crucify queers, and if it is Robert Mercer he is promising him the computer controls to America while promising the Tea Party, liberty and justice for all.

For a grand jury indictment there is more than enough evidence against Ted Cruz, but this now enters into a broader RICO conspiracy of racketeering, in it is evident that Ted and Heidi Cruz are not intelligent enough to write computer programming to steal elections. There is the reality like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin now taking money laundered through Ted Cruz into ad space on their programs, that the people who own Ted Cruz are looking to protect their investment in this Canadian foreigner named Rafael Ted Cruz.

This comes full circle to that odd meeting at a PAC, and the bombshell revelation in the Page 6  report of the New York press, that after Ted Cruz announced at Liberty University in Virginia, his first stop within hours was at that New York apartment with Rebekah Mercer.

Hours after announcing he’ll run at Liberty University, the Texas senator was fĂȘted at the Riverside Drive apartment of Rebekah Mercer, daughter of hedge-fund manager Robert Mercer.

For the Cruz Boogers who have been programmed by Limbaugh and Levin lies of Cruz not being an insider, Page 6 recorded who Ted Cruz met with in his personal cabal at the Mercer apartment.

Cruz, accompanied by his wife, Heidi, who’s taken leave from her job at Goldman Sachs in Houston to help him campaign, mingled with a Wall Street-heavy crowd.
Guests included supermarket mogul John Catsimatidis, Fox News’ Monica Crowley, GOP pollster Kellyanne Conway, Larry Kudlow, prominent lawyer Robert Giuffra and Gerson Lehrman Group’s Mark Gerson.

Yes FOX news was there which explains Megyn Kelly, Wall Street was there, and it was thee entire sodomite promotion group.

The Pro-Freedom Republicans Are Coming: 131 Sign Gay ... - The Daily Beast

The Pro-Freedom Republicans Are Coming: 131 Sign Gay-Marriage Brief. ... Mark Gerson, chairman, Gerson Lehrman Group, and author of The Neoconservative ...

Ted Cruz is now outed as an insider. His owners are plague which is upon America. Someone is now assisting  Ted Cruz to steal elections in America as they are protecting their interests in Pet Ted.
I warned all of you, that something was screwy with Ted Cruz in there are no photos of him with any of his backers from Crowley to Mercer, as Cruz has hidden all of these connections to create a false persona.

All of this needs a grand jury investigation, because this keeps adding up to more evidence of a vast Cruz wing conspiracy which has hijacked the right wing in America.

Chris Christie as Attorney General in a Donald Trump Presidency is thee only one who will be able to get to the bottom of this crime syndicate which has been exposed in vote shaving and election overthrow.

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