Thursday, March 10, 2016

The James Comey Coup

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

FBI Director James Comey is someone who simply appears in his role as Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, and that is losing him support on both sides as he is caught in the fallacy of this past honors and glory.

Comey is the man who stunned President George W. Bush in threatening  to resign over unwarranted wire taps as Attorney General John Ashcroft was in the hospital. On the reverse of this Comey is now engaged in a bizarre hacking of Apple attempting to force Apple to open their encryption up in their iphones, when the FBI already has all the data from the California regime's server.

My reason for writing this, is to point out again that Comey is a man with the crosshairs on him and he is making grave errors for a Hillary Clinton and an administration who want him gone.

The FBI is under investigation for paying bribes to Muslim terrorists in order to free traitor Bergdahl from being a hostage.
Added to that, is now the absolute fiasco in Oregon of Special Agent Gregory Bretzing running Homicide Incorporated in murdering LaVoy Finicum, where the FBI is now under investigation again in their elite assassination unit lied about shooting at Mr. Finicum, and in this Gregory Bretzing went before the American public and did nothing but lie about that murder spree which is unleashed in persecuting Americans from the Sheriff, to Patriots, to the Bundy's to little girls in Montana who witnessed the murder.

All of that adds up to is disgrace for the FBI, the kind of disgrace in which calls will follow for James Comey  to resign, which removes his magic card of using resignation over the Hillary Clinton email crimes.

Put it simply, the FBI has botched this and this is Comey's fault. They have deliberately dragged their feet in this political intrigue, and now it has come to the point that the Agency in it's many crimes is being tarnished by political minders like Gregory Bretzing, in heinous crimes against Americans.
Literally the FBI was part of releasing Muslim terrorists, paying money for a traitor, murdering LaVoy Finicum, covering it up, blaming the Oregon State Police, and hauling everyone named Bundy into prison.

Look, all that stooge Gregory Bretzing has to do in this, is tell the Inspector General that he had Comey sign off on everything and Comey told him to handle things, and the next thing you know, it is not Hillary Clinton's server master getting immunity, but Bretzing and James Comey indicted for numerous felonies.

That is what Hillary Clinton would enjoy. It is what the Obama regime would prefer in protecting their major donor Apple, as James Comey is apparently not insightful enough to realize that he has two fronts opened on him, which has now become 3.

Front 1: FBI paying ransom to Muslim terrorists for traitors.

Front 2: The murder and cover up of LaVoy Finicum

Front 3: The thug leverage against Apple.

Add this up politically. Muslim Ransom pisses off all Americans. Murdering Finicum and blaming the Oregon State Police alienates the extreme right in America and all law enforcement. The Apple thuggery infuriates the left wing with all of their sodomite pictures on their iphones being looked at by the FBI.

The center, the right wing and the left wing all pissed off  at the FBI. That sounds like a coup d'etat against James Comey by the Clinton Obama machine, and James Comey is going to either be forced to resign, crucified in the press or indicted......or all three.