Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Deepest Respect for LaVoy Finicum

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After watching the murder of LaVoy Finicum, there is a great deal lost until you hear LaVoy Finicum being murdered as was recorded on a passenger cell phone of Shawna Cox.

LaVoy Finicum lived as a man and died as a man. His last actions were those of a man going for help and being an American.

This is a synopsis of the above recording.

FBI stopped them where they could not get any cell phone service.
 LaVoy Finicum tells them they are going to meet with the Sheriff.

LaVoy Finicum and the occupants HAD TO ASK who it was  that was pointing firearms at them, as the Oregon State Police DID NOT identify themselves.

The fact is LaVoy Finicum stated he was going for help.

The back window was blown out immediately after LaVoy Finicum existed the vehicle.

Ryan tried to get out of the vehicle and they shot at him.

The "crash" was a non event in nothing violent. It looked like LaVoy Finicum simply pulled over.

The police kept shooting in the windows.

The pick up occupants were praying for God to keep them safe.

For some reason the police keep yelling in the background.

Then the police gassed the pickup, and fired a second round of gas.

Laser sights were all over the little girl. She is crying she is "He's dead".

Watching this video is like watching John Wayne. There was absolutely no fear in LaVoy Finicum, nor panic. It was inspiring to witness a real American of which there are so few now in existence, and is of course why the police state executed him, in a notorious ambush.

I have the deepest respect for LaVoy Finicum, in no longer having the sadness in watching the drone footage assassination, because hearing Mr. Finicum live and die as a True Patriot as those of 1776, in the way Davy Crockett died, the way George Custer died, is something to never be  forgotten.
It makes all of the detractors and the hateful things they have written appear for exactly what they are in being contemptible.

LaVoy Finicum in the last 15 minutes of his life, threatened NO ONE. He told the police state the blood was going to be on their hands, and it was. He was a most remarkable American, who should have been protected for the rare commodity he was, instead of murdered for being an American.

Thank you LaVoy Finicum.

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