Monday, March 14, 2016

The Loveliness of Obama White

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As black babies the globe over lay dead from malaria or making Planned Parenthood profits, I am so pleased that the adoptive Obama daughters were dressed out at 20,000 dollars per costume. Granted it would require 30,000 dollars of yardage to cover Muchelle's big ass, but .........well it is so lovely to have the adoptive Obama darlings, revealing why females with no breasts should not accentuate them nor try to divert from having a sodomite boy body, by growing to look like Muchelle Obama.

Is it not usually said of females like lurch Obama, "Yes but she has a nice personality". That would be pleasing if it were true, but ugly inside and out, as black children are being genocided by the Obama regime has little pretty in it.

Looking Caucasian is not a good look for Ms. Obama.I do not know what look would be good on any of this genus.

Yes such loveliness abounds.

Sasha Obama parla con Ryan Reynolds. La reazione della sorella Malia ...

Yes they must have worn two sets of batteries out in the rabbit in trading up to whiteness.