Monday, March 14, 2016

Donald Trump through Thick and Thin

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When I behold the anti Trumps, I witness a dismal sea of Kapitalism. I see nothing but slave traders for the Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush faction of the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders GOPliters party is nothing but moving hogs around.

I will explain this in terms you can understand.

Back in 1960, the standard American hog was the Duroc, a very pretty red pig. Then in the 1970's the packers, meaning the Chicago traders decided that Hampshires were the pig in being black and white. Then it was the Spotted Poland China and by the time the mid 70's arrived, American industry had decided the pointy eared white pig, called the Chester White was the money producer.

If you look at Obama America, the same thing has taken place, as the black for a century was the Nigger of menial jobs and low work output, but the Kapitalists gleaned welfare wages off of these and made a trillion dollars a year.
Sometime with Obama though, it was decided that the Nigger was worthless. The Nigger would not riot for Obama, and the Nigger would not work for Obama. So it was decided a new hog was necessary for profit, and that was the Mexican beaner.
The beaner though working well and raping well, does not terrorize well, so it was deemed to get rid of these Christian Protestants, that an infusion of the Jesuit Latins was needed with some Mecca Muslims to murder the people of the west.

See the problem in this can be summed up in Germany, whose intelligence is the 130 degree range. The Mideast Muslim has an IQ in the 85 degree range and the Mexican is in the 87 degree range, while the average Negroid is in the 78 degree range.

White Protestants are just to intelligent in knowing how to think and to shoot firearms. This is what is behind the Trump Protesters and what is behind  the Romney infusion with John Kasich, Romney's people working for Marco Rubio for another disaster and fellow foreign born latin in Rafael Ted Cruz as Romney was birthed in Mexico, all are of one Mormon mind in the West must be rid of it's native populations, and supplanted by this low IQ group of Muslims and Latins.

Do not make the mistake in this that all of these low IQ groups are this high. I mean just because one has some Raj from India showing up having been D'Sous programmed to elevate the numbers a bit, the rest of the population is down around the IQ of a smart hog. That is why Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders like these two legged animals, as these are not Rush Limbaugh's Big Koch low information voter, but the KKK of Kasich, Krubio and Kruz, NO INFORMATION VOTER, and is why this dark bread sandwich with Kasich in the middle has been attacking Donald Trump and going after the heathen masses.

So you get this, as no one else has brought this out, as this is a Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive........the reason Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich were trashing Donald Trump, is they were attempting in these open voting states to get low IQ democrats to vote for them, as the high IQ democrats are already voting for Donald Trump and the no IQ democrats are voting for Hillary and Bernie.

Most of you can not handle the Truth, but Ted Cruz has voters which program well in you can brainwash them easy. Marco Rubio voters validate themselves by party affiliation with tingles in their underwear, in they think with their crotches. John Kasich voters want the status quo of the rich keeping their Mark Levin money, your getting Nigger freebies in the regime taking care of you, and a class of tans to feel good about as you drive by in your air conditioning as they shovel asphalt and mow grass in 100 degree heat.
Throw in the Ron Paul voters who believe they know more than God, with their information based upon what minder Paul stole from the Lindbergh and Dr. John Coleman.........look if you need it explained to you on Ron and Rand Paul, they are the minders of the Bush Sub Operational Group to deal with the shattered John Birch Society, shattered by CIA station chief, Bill Buckley. That same CIA group is being employed to try and shatter Donald Trump's burgeoning group with the same old stereotypes.

The problem with the KKK of the GOPliters in going after low IQ democrats is both Hillary and Bernie need those voters, and they will not pull in some Operation Chaos non sense that Limbaugh tried to take credit for, so being liberal in the GOP gets you a big loss.

WHAT YOU ARE NOT GETTING is there is NOT any more votes going to Kasich, Kruz and Krubio. They have reached max in the GOP and they are desperate in trying to get democrats who hate them, to vote for them. That is what is behind the trashing of Donald Trump and you will notice none of the insiders have told you this in Levin, Limbaugh and Hannity.

Barring any new vote fraud, Donald Trump is going to landslide in the winner take all elections. That is the reality. Kasich peaked a week too early. Rubio has been eroding like sand in the seashore, and Cruz plateaued with his boogers in Iowa and even with vote fraud has not gained any traction.

The United States on average has an IQ of 98 points. That means a German, Irish, Scott, English, Easter European block, with Asians running from 120 to 150, and pulling that down are these two legged animals in the dog mind range of 50 to 70 points.
In that, the Donald Trump voters are of two intelligence groups in measured intelligence and common sense. That is the reality, and the rest of the candidates are now battling for the low intelligence, no intelligence and tard voting block without any sense or thinking that watching PBS gives you intelligence.

Look you can be like Downton Abby awards in England where they win, because it is the only damn show on television, but in the real world, it is not Kruz, Krubio, Klinton and Kasich with Molotov Sanders smouldering in the trash bin. The real world is Donald Trump as the winner, due to the same reality of all revolutions from Egypt, Israel, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, Germany, Britain, America, in it is the peoples who are intelligent, locating an gifted leader who inherit the land, and not the Neanderthal picking shit off their asses for dates.

The world is in revolution. Andres Breivik was a decade before his time. The world has now beheld that reality, and Nationalism is now the driving force in self protection of nations, and not this slave import with Muslim thugs terrifying people into submission.

I can predict the future, so pay attention.

Ted Cruz as president will try to become a dictator and be impeached in the first term with street riots.

Marco Rubio as president will oversee the Obama destruction of America.

John Kasich will advance the Obama destruction of America.

Bernie Sanders will cause an invasion of America as he drives what is left in America offshore.

Hillary Clinton will start World War IV as she is the John Kasich candidate of the GOPliters.

Donald Trump will implement the Reagan planks of national security, job growth and national identity, which will difuse the coming world war to manageable proportions.

That is why intelligent and informed people have been voting for Donald Trump and staying with him, through thick and thin.

Nuff Said