Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Secrets of Heidi Cruz

The Cruz Assylum

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Ted Cruz is a sniveling, cheating, treacherous, abusive Cubano whore, and with that, let us open the book on the reality of Ted's belt notch, Heidi Nelson, whose soppy snatch was hot for brown cock, and as her Norwegian parents were loathe against the 3rd, she like Muchelle Obama found a way to fuck a Harvard degree, to make it all acceptable to the parents.

That is the reality of Ted Cruz, and when his Super Pac unleashed an attack add on the Lady, Mrs. Trump, it was a clap trap, where the forces who lust to elect Hillary Clinton are now using Ted Cruz to do this, to create a divide in the Republican Party, and Ted Cruz is too asstard to figure this out, even though he has had numerous examples of vote fraud to prove what crooks his Robert Mercer fag billionaires are and what they will stoop to.

You see Ted Cruz is thee most loathsome of creatures in he is a VICTIM. A victim is a creature who has no plan to survive when raped, in either not fighting back or fighting back. Ted Cruz is a victim, for a victim just lets things happen to them, and that is what Ted Cruz is.

You will notice a pattern in Ted Cruz. He lynches Ben Carson in Iowa, and then apologizes. He assaults Mrs. Donald Trump, and then apologizes, as he reaps the rewards of his rapine.

Donald Trump has been above board as has his entire campaign in all of this. There has never been any whispering campaign about Marco Rubio's being a bi sexual whore and there was never any mention of the psychological problems of Heidi Cruz.

As I will repeat so this soaks in, the people who want to destroy the Republican Party, as in Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Mike Lee, Mitt Romney, the fag billionaires all want to hand this over to Hillary Clinton, and Ted Cruz is their tool.
Ted Cruz being the shameless scoundrel he is, is allowing this to happen, as he like all Obama 3rd world types hates America that rejects him and wants her destroyed in thee most savage of ways.

The secrets of Heidi Cruz are simple and if you have a brain, you can figure this out. We know for a fact that Ted Cruz is an abusive, self absorbed husband. He made this woman quit her identity at the liberal Rockefeller Council on Foreign Relations, where she wrote that radical white paper to destroy Canada, Mexico and America, and it was so abhorrent, that as this blog exclusively reported, the Canadians had to rewrite the North American Union whitepaper, as it was too radical for them, and they disavow it all now completely.

Heidi Cruz then obtained a mole job at the Bush White House, to which Ted made her quit her job, and isolated her in Texas, where without her liberal identity, she did dive into severe depression, where law enforcement found the woman wandering by a train......which in forensic psychology translates that the Cruz train was running over her world and she wanted to end her life in thee most violent of ways in being murdered by a train, to be obliterated to nothing, as that is what Ted Cruz did to this woman.

It is logical to note that people who are depressed, respond in several ways, self abuse of alcohol, self abuse of narcotics, self abuse in sexual affairs, and self abuse in suicide. Some cases are people not bathing or going out. We know that Heidi Cruz was emotionally so degraded that law enforcement noticed her, so she apparently was experiencing substance abuse.
As she appears Stepford Wife recovered in saying her Ted Cruz, was the face of God, her lord and master, in connect the dots, must have forced her to non institutional help, where she was taking Columbine High type psychiatric happy pills, as the type that most of our Soldiers are OD'ing on from depression in the Obama regime.

There is other evidence of Heidi Cruz's secret in she is incapable of dealing with her children. Ted Cruz uses them as a props, and the oldest girl as has been the focus here, is a problem child. This little girl is just wicked at times, in acting out, and she is acting out, because her parents are not parenting her, and she is begging for attention.
Her photographed escapades of yelling OUCH when Ted is pinching her, her walking off stage, and her putting rabbit ears over his head, all point to a problem child, and the problem is because Ted Cruz and Heidi Cruz are bad parents.

In reverse speech, David John Oates has caught Ted Cruz telling his boogers that he is a conman, and that he is going to destroy their freedom. That is what is going on in Ted Cruz's world as he is lying to everyone, and being used by the most nefarious of creatures who will stoop to using Mrs. Donald Trump as a weapon.
There is another Reverse Speech which was captured, and it is from the above photo, when Ted Cruz, was again using his children as props at Liberty University, with camera's rolling, Ted and Heidi Cruz enlist their eldest problem child daughter to "pray". In that prayer, the little girl is heard distinctly saying in Reverse Speech, "Sometimes we forget".

The child is embarrassed by this, and is confessing not to God, but to the camera, that the real Ted and Heidi Cruz "christianity" is one where the children are lectured at about praying, but often enough, prayer does not matter to Ted and Heidi Cruz, as it never occurs to them to thank God at meal time.

As I have stated, you do not in forensic psychology, need to have a psychiatrist's prescription sheet or have Heidi Cruz confess before the world that she is on psychiatric medications to give her that Stepford Wife smile, because you know the cause and effect of mental depression brought about by abused wife syndrome, and you know that children are acting out when young, because the parents are passing those children off as latchkey children.
The problem child absolutely hates and detests this Cruz for president campaign, as she knows it is the child that Ted and Heidi Cruz love and read stories to on their lap at night.

We know that Heidi Cruz is unbalanced. We know that the billionaires of the insiders who are backing John Kasich and Ted Cruz, released that horrid campaign attack on Mrs. Trump, in order to create such friction between the Trump and Cruz people, that no one is going to vote for the other. We know this because for THREE HOURS TODAY Rush Limbaugh was harping about poor little weak Ted Cruz, and how the Cruz people were not going to vote for Donald Trump, because that is what Big Koch is initiating in an Elect Hillary Clinton campaign for their continued crimes under Obama, and Cruz is their cover for this operation.

The Cruz boogers now know the facts. Ted Cruz is going to be destroyed by this group in being found a foreigner. Heidi Cruz is going to be exposed for the woman on the edge that she is, a Columbine in waiting. That is why the attack on Mrs. Donald Trump took place, in order to bring this all out to manipulate everyone.  The intention though of the Lame Cherry is always to bring you the facts so you children and brats can make an informed decision not on emotion, but reality. It is why I warned all of the Cruz boogers to abandon him, force him to accept a Supreme Court nomination by President Trump, but instead you have failed, as Utah was so criminal in vote fraud that even Roger Stone can follow those shoe boxes full of ballots in that massive vote fraud.

I will project this out in, it has already been factored in, that Child Protective Services will be called in to save the Cruz daughters from their parents if necessary to create that kind of friction to elect Hillary Clinton. Ted Cruz is to blame for this for his affairs and his last attack on Mr. Trump in blaming him now for terrorism in Belgium.
You can hear in Ted Cruz's voice that he is now delivering script from Robert Mercer and the Jeb Bush camp to the last word. He is does not believe a word he is saying, but only going through the motions as he knows he has lost, but his owners paid the hundred million for Ted to dance and by satan, they are going to make him dance.......and Ted is going to dance for the rest of his brothel existence, because he has real crimes he was involved with, and if he does not allow his wife and children to be ripped to shreds, Ted Cruz will be in prison.

None of this is pretty, but it is what Cruz world is. A world of secrets of weak Ted and Heidi, which once you use common sense, you can factor out just what those secrets are, and you can understand what that Cruz assylum is like every day.

In Christian virtue, I will say one thing to the Cruz boogers. You have lost all chance now to accomplish anything by your mania. The GOPliters are trying to steal enough votes from Donald Trump by Ted Cruz vote fraud, and create now such a schism between the Trump and Cruz camps, so that with just a few votes needed, Donald Trump will be forced to make a deal with John Kasich in those Ohio votes, and Kasich will bring in all that GOPliter murder and mayhem with him. This is the plan percolating under the mists, and Jeb Bush is now directing the Cruz campaign to oblivion.

I am completely disappointed in the Cruz boogers, not being strong enough like Heidi Cruz to withstand the manipulation to mania, because they are about to destroy America in the same way HW Bush lurked around the edges and was forced on Ronald Reagan. It is sad when principled people can be so manipulated by psychological triggers that reason is gone in them, and they have violated every Christian and American virtue in them, because they feel so helpless in Ted Cruz is such a weak man, but that is what the billionaire board chose Ted Cruz and Heidi Cruz, as they knew what a house of cards they were.
The Cruz boogers are responsible for a major problem in this rescue of America. They are under the spell and can not escape.

The best thing that the Cruz boogers should insist upon is that Ted Cruz suspend his campaign and take his family out of this meat grinder, and himself for some completely alone time, but at this juncture I do not believe that the owners of Ted Cruz would allow that in he would be made an example of in prison and his children seized by the state.

See what you boogers have unleashed? You have destroyed yourselves and now your savior is held hostage by the very forces you claim to be against. You are to blame because you have been warned here what was taking place and what is taking place. You were chosen because you are so hard headed that you would not diverge from your programming, and now when your programmers are telling you to commit political suicide with Ted Cruz, you are willingly doing it, just like Jim Jones at Jonestown.

Each of you Cruz boogers are more of a problem child than daughter Cruz and more of a hostage wife than Heidi Cruz, all doped up on Ted Cruz.

Maybe you richtards should make the big donations, as this story sat all day, each of you was led around with your heads up your asses, and none of you figured out what was going on, and only the Lame Cherry again in matter anti matter exclusives pulled your retardation out of the abyss, and pointed you in the correct direction again to save you, again.