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To Handcuff a Corpse named Finicum

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All of us like to believe that the world we live in is one where in death we will be treated with respect. There will not be anyone spitting on us when we are dying, no one making jokes about our bodies in an autopsy, and that our families will not be put through any horror in our passing or death.

The Lame Cherry in exclusive matter anti matter again provides you with a reality of this is the type of political and police state which you live in, and it focuses on the murder of LaVoy Finicum by the police state.

The following is from the official files from Northwest Freedom Outpost, in those who claim they love America can sit for a few hours, reading the testimony and reviewing the photos of the crime scene.
Most will never enlist the effort to educate themselves, but in those files are the entire mindset and workings of the police murder state.

As I have mentioned a few things in those reports, it should not be a surprise that LaVoy Finicum was handcuffed, either when he was dying or dead by the FBI. This event according to the official time line took place before 5 PM on the night of the murder.

Did to your knowledge, Mr. Finicum get handcuffed?

Officer: He did.

Did you know by whom?

Officer: Not by whom in particular, and it was FBI agents.

Page 45 PDF file

To your knowledge was Mr. Finicum moved at all during the course of this?

Officer: Only during the cuffing, and he remained in the same spot where he fell, but it was just maneuvering his position in order to put cuffs on, and I also noticed, when they were providing first aid, that a bullet that had mushroomed as we were lifting --- not me --- as they were lifting his shirt up kind of fell out onto the snow, and I remember thinking it looked like a 5.56 round.

We know that the chief investigator from Deschutes County was on scene for certain at 11 PM that evening, when the pick up was attempting to be extracted from the ditch, as the officers had left the vehicle running for some reason, the back tire had spun down, and the heat from the pick up had melted the snow to form an iceberg which two wreckers were having an impossible time trying to extract it.
We know from the investigator that it was at that time, that LaVoy Finicum was still in the snow, handcuffed, and was then being removed as the Medical Examiner had been on scene at 7:05 PM.

So the reality is, Mr. Finicum, with no mention of weapon in any testimony was left in the open for 6 and one half hours, literally frozen and stiff, and appearing like bait to lure in other Patriots for a fire fight.

According to the official autopsy report, there were two telling things which the Medical Examiner noted. First, the body was x rayed and Mr. Finicum was still handcuffed behind his back, and those handcuffs were listed in his personal effects, along with a Timex watch.
The second is more telling, in there is noted a bandage on Mr. Finicum's abdomen to stop bleeding.

A corpse is not bandaged, so this reveals an absolute certainty as the Oregon State Police stated the FBI was checking for a pulse, that LaVoy Finicum was still alive at least 20 minutes after he was initially shot.
We know for certain in the official time line that it was before 5 PM that the EMT's were ordered to the scene in a person was down.

The confessed "shooter one" provided this testimony to the official debriefing.

So I ran up to a couple of FBI agents and said, "Hey, why don't you guys get up on  there and try to check him, give him some first aid."

Page 28 PDF file

So they started checking him, taking his pulse, checking his pulse, looking for exit wounds, and providing general first aid.

Page 29 PDF file

This officer, was not inclined to start medical care, because he was the one who stated he had shot Mr. Finicum in the back, and did not feel it proper police procedure, but in the above, you can assess that the FBI knew Mr. Finicum was shot, in need of emergency care, and none of them approached him as was their duty.

All of this murder began, and we know this from the same debriefing of Oregon State Police, when Mr. Finicum exited the vehicle, and the FBI started screaming on communication, "He's shooting. He's shooting".

We know for absolute fact that it was the police state who had begun with deadly force, and it was a shot through the roof by someone in the police state, which shattered Mr. Finicum's back window which was the "shooting".
We know for absolute fact that the FBI snipers fired two rounds at this particular time also, so Mr. Finicum was murdered, because at least two snipers were discharging their weapons, and the FBI was blaming Mr. Finicum, who I will remind readers stated in Reverse Speech found by David John Oates, in saying, "I HAVE NO WEAPON".
No one can lie to their subconscious and that is the reality in this, in LaVoy Finicum did not have a weapon, and that weapon had to have been planted on him by the police state, and the link seems to be an FBI mole at the refuge, had stolen Mr. Finicum's Ruger 9 mm, taken it off the refuge in the confusion, and handed it over to the FBI for planting in their various levels of cover up.

So these are the chilling details of the absolute barbarous misbehavior conducted to the body of LaVoy Finicum who was innocent. We know someone from FBI or Oregon State Police took Mr. Finicum's hat off and threw it in a fury. There was a great deal of that, as the crime scene record, shows someone was busy tossing LaVoy Finicum's property all around his body.

Everything which took place against the American LaVoy Finicum was savagery and crimes against humanity. He was unarmed and gunned down. He was left around 20 minutes in the snow bleeding out, and then left almost another 7 hours in the cold, as bait to apparently lure in more Patriots to be gunned down.

All of the above quotes are factual from the Oregon State Police, Medical Examiner and Deschutes County Investigators. It is the reality, of do you believe this is acceptable behavior and treatment of yourself or your family, depending on which regime is in charge to unleash upon you?

That is not my kind of America as I do not want anyone I do not like, mistreated like this, nor for their families have to know details like this in producing hurts which are not going to heal.

LaVoy Finicum died with his arm reached out. No one knows if it was from surrender or for asking for help. We know two absolutes in his dying, and the first is one officer coming on the scene noted how white his hand was, as the blood had all drained from it.

We know from this same officer and from Shawna Cox, that LaVoy Finicum was watching over this scene, as all noted in the strangest commentary that they were looking into his face and he was looking back at them.

There was something about LaVoy Finicum's countenance which would not die, even in murder.

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