Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Old World Order

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I pick up numbers of religious books in the second hand shop, because they are the only ones I can afford, in being free. In looking for a photo of the book I am about to quote, I was surprised to see this was an antique book, and worth 28 to 45 dollars.

It is good that it was free, for in it the author Nelson Beecher Keyes points out something which I have been pointing out, but he does it in such a way, that it requires repeating as confirmation of what I was witnessing to those who will to understand.

The question in this is simple, "Why would the image of Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, David  Cameron, and only satan knows what else has been put in charge of the Israelite exiles of the Lost 10 Tribes in the West, which is making it a policy of importing Muslim and Jesuit invaders to Caucasion Protestant Nations from America to Germany?"

The answer is simple, as it is in the Bible. I realize people will discount this, even the Faithful, but this was established policies of empires, because it worked in importing foreigners to nations ruled by vassal traitors.

I will to make something clear in this. The modern cartel behind this overrunning of Western Peoples with foreigners, are the Ashkenaz, who are Asians, as much as the Assyrians who are Germans, as much as the southern Italians who are Babylonian exiles, and they all had a fixed interest in the overrunning of nations with foreigners.

This is the quote in Story of the Bible World, in Map, Word and Pictures.

"The first king in this remarkable galaxy was Tiglath-pileser III, called in the Bible, Pul, and by the Babylonians, Pulu.
Five months after he had seized the throne he was off to the wars. His first objective was Babylon, and shortly that land was brought under direct control of the Assyrian throne. Both there, and in other restless dependencies to the eat, deportation of populations were strongly adulterated with foreigners driven sometimes great distances from their home countries.
The purpose in back of this brutal device was to temper national consciousness - to break up special groups and with them the will to resist."

You need to understand this, there is a definite genocidal policy of the ruling puppets in the West to not only provide slave labor to the conglomerates, but to disrupt the native populations of Germans, French, Norwegians, Swedes, Anglos, Americans, Dutch, so they will in being overtaxed and criminalized, not be able to unite to resist to throw out legally these traitors, who answer to the cartel elite, who desire control by their minority of the many.
This cartel is using the legal voting system to overthrow nations in the West, by flooding it with foreigners and giving them the vote.

What the Obama regime and others are engaged in, is as old as the first empire in Assyria. It was ruthless and effective. The Lost 10 Tribes of Israel were exiled to an area north of Iran. They would be known under different names such as Khumri, after their most famous king, Omri, or as Cimmerians, after Samarians in their capital, but as this group escaped into Asia from Assyrian domination, it would make it's way west, until reaching western Europe, and by that time, the Assyrians had been driven out by the Babylonians, and would settle the area of the Israelite Germani and be called Germans, as these same Anglo Saxons pushed into Angle or Anglo lands west in North America and Australasia.

What the Obama regime is engaged in, is not the first time the Americans were facing genocide. The Germans faced the same annihilation under the Babylonian and Medes in "resettlement".

Samaria in Jesus time was a mongrel nation despised by the Jews, and in this 21st century, the "Jew" is a mongrel people in the Ashkenaz converts.

What is being carried out against the Western Peoples is deliberate. It is genocide and the elite know to the last corpse what this invasion will bring, because they desire this outcome to subdue and destroy a competitor Spiritual race which was bred by God on the Abraham line.

The Assyrians were adept in war and the subduing of nations. The modern German was civil in Adolf Hitler, as the German ancestors captured nations, put the best young men on pikes in front of their cities to cower the people, as they raped, slaughtered infants, ripped pregnant women open, crucified people and skinned people alive to teach the population what resistance to Assyrian meant.

The modern age it is more civil. The medical communities are engaged to skin people alive and torture them. The educational system is unleashed to assault minds. The media is set loose to mass rape the populace, and their own police state criminalizes them, and protects their invaders.

Ask yourself why your pulpit leaders are not warning you of something in the Bible? Ask yourself why your mic heads on the left and right are not warning you about historical facts of why foreigners are mass imported?

It is all there, and another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter teaching moment.

Now you know how you and your children are going to be obliterated.