Thursday, March 24, 2016

Waiting on God

. 1874, “Custer Kills an Elk”, General George Armstrong Custer ...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Captain Kirk dropped us a line about being concerned about bothering me with questions and about waiting on God.

It is always the people who wonder about bothering you, that never bother you. I will admit that I feel pulled inside out, but perhaps this is Spiritual growth from God, as He does have me doing things in work loads that a few years ago would have been impossible for me. My head feels like a dull thud and I do have concerns about TL in the things God has me doing. It is an interesting life to wonder if one's day is going to be one's last. I would assume it is an honor to experience what the Founders did living on the edge.

I live now each day, and never worry about tomorrow. It is good advice for all of us really, because it is how life is in reality, because we never know if the next moment is our last. So I have plans, lots of plans for the future with TL, but if they do not happen, I know it will not matter as something better is waiting with God.

I do not like all this evil I am forced to post here. None of it is good for anyone.

I appreciate the kindnesses in people thinking about us and the thanks, but I feel uncomfortable about being thanked. What drives me and it is the not the correct one is just getting a place. I weigh how the little we have will be confiscated or neutralized, or time will run out. It would be C'est la guerre.

I do not believe God would be upset in anyone asking me about things. I know what it is like in not knowing the answers to things, sometimes it took me years to get an answer. I know the frustration as I wonder about God in our land, as He does other things with ease.
So ask and ye shall receive and seek and ye shall find.

TL mentioned tonight that Mom had the television on and somehow the TV locked up and the channel disappeared from the listing. We all have strange things happening in this massive surveillance messing with our lives. I do not pay a great deal of attention to things and probably disappoint a great deal, as someone quoted me and said I sound crazy and am right most times, so drooling and scribbling is something that keeps one in the land of the living.

I will be writing about a junk rifle which the Lord put into my hands, older than gun regulations of two centuries ago, but it is my treat to keep from blowing my head off as this is old metal, and a host of things, but I am honing my skills in lubrication formulations, metallurgy, chemistry and just dreaming of someday putting a round into an elk. There is something fascinating in using black powder loads which you create. Large object, moving at moderate velocity, kills every time.

This is a bad distraction though for little girls as I would rather be doing that all the time, and it has been hard to plant my ass down and finish up the probably eight posts on Oregon.

I would be so much happier if Ted Cruz like Obama would just float away on a distant sea together in their sea of sodomy. They are like those cocky males who think it is them, when it is just the women figuring that acting for thirty seconds in the condom degree of separation is worth a six figure job.

So may the Christ Who came to take upon Him the sin of the world on the cross, and took up His Life so that all who believe in Him, will not perish, but have everlasting Life, keep your hearts and minds in Him.

Always remember that you are a chosen people, of the stock of exile from Samaria, who survived all through Asia and Europe, and your parents bore you here in an American wilderness. You have it in you to live as most will die. You were not fooled by Obama nor Cruz. You do not now have to look around feeling foolish after telling everyone the princes you trusted in, are abominations.

On a happy note, I am like you, waiting on answers from God, and thankful I am not Ted Cruz or image Obama.