Thursday, March 24, 2016

Adulterated Ted Cruz Mistresses Being Identified

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Perhaps all of us should be more understanding about Ted Cruz cheating on his wife, Heidi Cruz, because deep down Ted Cruz just wants to be Donald Trump, and when you are a foreigner birthed in Canada, short and not having the most attractive woman, who can blame Ted Cruz for trying to make up in bulk after seeing Mrs. Trump.

See Donald Trump has gorgeous women, from all continents wanting to be with him, and Ted Cruz has college boys like Obama and then there is Heidi.

Lame Cherry: The Cruz Tolls For Thee

The Cruz Tolls For Thee As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti ... but some who say it is Amanda Carpenter the propaganda director for Ted ...
Someone like me might give credit to the Holy Ghost for moving this blog in pointing out someone who has been now outed as one of the employees who Ted Cruz was ass dicking.

 My apologies in that is not James Woolsey, but some who say it is Amanda Carpenter  the propaganda director for Ted Cruz, she used to mind for Jim DeMint in the Senate, before he fled for his life to hide at a think tank, but you never know what you are looking at really, unless the bell goes off and Pavlov's dog starts barking or Hillary Clinton does.
 You will notice that Ms. Carpenter was Ted's Twitter Torrent using down home racist language to mock Conservatives for Ted in the reason we are never promoting a positive message, is because we are so busy fighting liberals.
Odd how I post solutions here all the time, but Ted Cruz and rapid fire Mandy just can only go negative.

Maybe after offering up amnesty for Obama, the Establishment GOP will start working on a global warming cap-and-tax bill for Obama. #WhyNot,” Carpenter tweeted. She continued in rapid fire, tweeting: “Want to know why conservatives aren’t, supposedly, pushing happy ideas? bc we keep having to kill terrible ones the establishment pushes!” and “Hey, remember when they promised to keep the focus on Obamacare. Dontcha kinda think amnesty distracts from that?”
 Amanda Carpenter Is Ted Cruz’s Twitter Torrent

I wonder what people tell themselves in the hallowed halls of Congress, with Heidi Cruz all frumpy at home, suicidal, two little girls becoming problem daughters who will rebel and be abused by some male as they look for love, just what they do when Heidi Cruz phones up and they answer, or is it something like Anthony Wiener in it just makes it all more excited to have a dick shoved up your ass as you Tweet all kinds of things for the adulterer ejaculating cum into you, and dragging that all home  to his wife and children.

Thing is Donald Trump is adored by his wife and ex wives........I doubt the same thing is going to be said for Ted Cruz and his ex wife.

At least we know who the co workers were, and the gay guy, but who is the prostitute and the teacher? That must have been some parent teacher conference eh?