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Was LaVoy Finicum Used As Bait

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The official investigation by Deschutes County in the PDF files released, are filled with damning revelations of the police state psychology and outright contradictions of the drone footage to the testimony being given by Oregon State Police.
I am not here to indict the Oregon State Police, because all of this law enforcement is nothing but "armed victims" who have been chosen for their mind type and then conditioned that the public is a threat, and they respond with thuggish behavior to trigger deadly force incidents, which then scars these law enforcement operatives like women having had abortions performed on them by Planned Parenthood.

Most people will be too lazy to read and review the 300 pages of PDF files in this investigation, and as the Mockingbird press is covering up the entire murder of LaVoy Finicum, and most people are not Holy Ghost Inspired to see things or have a background in forensic psychology, they will miss glaring things which are damning and troubling.

There is a rule in anything in life, and that is when inconsistencies occur, something is not correct, and when it comes to law enforcement, it means a cover up is taking place.

After reviewing the PDF files, a legitimate question arises in, "Was LaVoy Finicum used as bait in order to allow the police state to mass murder the Patriots?"

For those who are puzzled at what the Lame Cherry is exposing, it all goes back to the inconsistencies, in time and again in the official debriefings, the Oregon State Police officers repeat a mantra of "armed protesters are dangerous", which is their framework for the murder of LaVoy Finicum. Yet I am going to point out several things which are going to prove the police were lying about this.

Item One: When the person referred to as Ryan Payne was taken into custody, he states he has a weapon, and the police tell him not to touch it, and when he is handcuffed, an FBI agent has that gun, and tosses it into the snow and does not secure it.
If there was such a boogerman hysteria over these Patriots, the last thing one does is leave loaded guns laying on the ground.

Item Two: In order to clear the Refuge, Pete Santilli, who it is posted online was dealing with the FBI, phoned the occupants there, according to FBI protocol, to create a stampede in order to clear the refuge. If these Patriots were the terrors the FBI and Oregon State Police were propagandizing, the last thing you would want to create is 200 armed, terrified people fleeing on roads and going into towns, where they would come into contact with Civilians.

As one can witness there is inconsistencies in the testimony of the officers, and it degrades into something absolutely bizarre in the following quote:

After this scene evolved, we were concerned that there was any number of folks that could have approached this area from the meeting in John Day, and there was information, that there were many supporters of the militia that we had concerns would be approaching our scene afterwards.

Questioner: Uh huh

So that's just another piece of information that we had at the time, you know, one of the things we were going to do is effect this arrest and leave the area, and get everybody, every vehicle, assuming went without issues and we were going to go back to Burns as quickly as we could avoid any confrontation whether it's coming from the Malheur Refuge of in Burns or from the north out of Grant County.

Pages 110 - 111 PDF file

In the official reports in this, we know that LaVoy Finicum was shot and on the ground a little past 4:30 pm on the day of the murder. Yet we read in the testimony that the Oregon State Police and FBI were of a mindset that this had to be a quick traffic stop, arresting everyone and fleeing back to Burns Oregon, before the Patriots found out about it, as there was concern about violence.
YET WE know this from the official files, and from Shawna Cox testimony which has proven correct on the time line, that as the police state left Mr. Finicum to bleed out in the snow, the pick up was bombarded with explosives of non lethal order.
After Ms. Cox, Ms. Sharp and Mr. Bundy or Payne, were removed from the pick up, they were placed on the ground, and kept waiting for over 2 hours on the scene. We know absolutely from other sources  that it would be SEVEN HOURS later, before most of the police and all of the Patriots arrived in town at 11 PM that night.

If there was some threat from the Patriots, then why was this entire area, left open to approach, except one mediocre checkpoint by the FBI which was in view of the murder scene?
Why were the Patriots left in a van this entire time and not secured?
More damning in this, why was LaVoy Finicum left dead on the ground until 11 PM that evening, as was recorded by the chief investigator of Deschutes County, as he notes the pick up was in the process of trying to be removed, but LaVoy Finicum was still laying there dead and handcuffed, which would be an absolute antagonizing and trigger point for any Patriot?
The scene is so open, that the wrecker is there working on the pick up, and the last of the original assassination squad is there with a few officers. It appears no one has secured the area in the least and people did in fact approach or happen upon the location and their names were taken as witnesses.

So the question in all of this is as this article is entitled, "Was LaVoy Finicum used as Bait?" Everything the FBI and Oregon State Police were concerned about, was magnified by leaving the Patriots detained there and by leaving Mr. Finicum dead in the snow for almost 7 hours. There were hundreds of Patriots having fled the refuge, and more in the countryside. Remember in this that Special Agent Gregory Bretzing was running a multiple level psychological operations program to terrorize the people of Burns to turn them against the Patriots, using the Paiute Indians and Governor Brown to call for bloodshed, so with that level of operations taking place, and knowing the Patriots and Militia were in the area, it is a glaring question of, "Was LaVoy Finicum being used as bait?", in order to mass murder the Patriots.

We know from the official testimony, that the FBI had multi level contingency planning for the "arrest" of the Patriots. Oregon State Police in their testimony points to lethal and non lethal forces, being designated. Some had rifles, some had stun and flash grenades, some had chemical weapons, and they were all on scene.

It is a fact that the group who was pointing firearms at LaVoy Finicum and his group, fired on them with at least a bean bag weapon, in which they hit the person detained from Mr. Finicum's pickup, and they were in the process of gassing that pick up, but had taken far too long in trying to end the situation, when Mr. Finicum fled for help to run into the ambush set up at the blind bend in the road.
All of this could have and should have ended at the first stop, and yet the non lethal measures were not initiated, and instead lethal measures were immediately released at the roadblock.

Again when Mr. Finicum exits his pick up, his hands are raised for surrender, and an Oregon State Police designated Taser Officer is there, he does not use non lethal, but waits until whoever it is, shoots Mr. Finicum three times.
For those who keep speaking of Mr. Finicum as dangerous, in the official debriefing, one of the last Oregon State Police officers to arrive on scene, sees Mr. Finicum going down, and he thinks that Mr. Finicum is complying with the orders, and has no idea that Mr. Finicum has just been murdered. It is a damning revelation that this officer enters the scene, focused on the pick up and not Mr. Finicum in the open, as he judges this scene instinctively that Mr. Finicum is absolutely no threat to him or anyone else, in turning his back on LaVoy Finicum.

So we return to the original question and the evidence points to the contradictions, in the FBI and Oregon State Police stating one thing, and then the police state appears to be leaving the entire situation open, for the Patriots to arrive, and a gun fight to ensue, exposing these officers to death, all for the purpose of expanding this mayhem for a greater crackdown.

There is no denying the above, as these are the official reports, and more importantly in psychological cause and effect, common sense dictates that the police do not leave detainees on location or dead bodies exposed for all to see, as it will incite reactions from the public.

The murder of LaVoy Finicum was by the above evidence a far more sinister situation. No one apparently was ever supposed to leave that pick up alive, and by the actions afterwards in exposing officers and civilians, there is in cause and effect a reality, that those who were behind this murder, were attempting to spread it to perform a murderous rampage all through eastern Oregon that night, and spread throughout the region.

The evidence concludes that LaVoy Finicum's body was used as bait. The Oregon Medical Examiner was on scene at 7:05 pm that evening, and that was two and half hours after the murder. Security and common sense dictates that the scene should have been secured, and the body moved, along with the Patriots in detention, to a safe location.

It may be that Tex Marrs was wrong in this, that it was not the FBI not having charges to arrest these people with, because the Oregon State Police state in their testimony, that this was supposed to be a traffic stop for the FBI, and the FBI would then arrest these people on federal charges. As Sherlock Holmes states, when you eliminate all of the possibles, and all that is left is the impossible, then the impossible is the answer, and that answer is LaVoy Finicum and the Patriot men and women were used as bait to incite a greater murder rampage to be unleashed by Oregon State Police by whoever was really in charge of this military appearing operation.

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