Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thank You for the Support

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wanted to thank the people who have been kind in understanding how this blog runs, that it is an impossible job of 14 hour days, with other diversions thrown in. I appreciate when people are respectful and do not throw shit fits when the facts here prove them wrong, and then go off and try and divide TL from LC.

I wanted to thank the readers of Conservative Tree House. They have been kind in sourcing the blog and donating to let me know they are around.

Here is a well-researched and completely reasonable explanation of Ted Cruz vote fraud in Maine.

There are other Americans who I can not source or mention, as that would put them into jeopardy. I do not ever mean to ignore people, but there is a reason I keep my distance, as situations like the murder of LaVoy Finicum is a 53 trillion dollar cartel deal, with a police state now being exposed with crimes of a cover up and some very beasty things, and none of these people are pleased.
I think of CIA Director William Colby in his focus of protecting the system as the prime directive, and then I watch in the actions in European terrorism, in Mormon crisis actors being put on display by the British Press, to deliberately crack the system, to destroy the trust of the masses in that system. I see it in Ted Cruz blatant election fraud as much as Hillary Clinton. There is a force now so malevolent and cancerous which comes spewing out in mics like Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh, who are scripted to destroy everything that Bill Colby stood for as a Bill Clinton supporter.
Someone is shattering the people's trust in the continuity of rule. Someone is generating a new order out of this chaos, being staged by mass Muslim cock rape, and brown skin Jesuit invasion of the West, as this is about killing the Protestants in this grande inquisition.

Many of you have had some tough times in your secure worlds, and I have appreciated hearing of them so I could pray for you. I feel a different shockwave unleashed, which can be explained in my experience of  the other day.

I actually thought after one dead baby calf by satan in which afterbirth was caught over his nose and he suffocated, that things were not so bad. The predators were away and things were not so bad........until it started building again, in Daisy and Baby Belle decided to have a bad day. Daisy broke a pail, ate a screen off the house and broke the storm window, among other things that happened, and just as I was taking a break, Mom came in and said a raccoon was in the doe pen, so off I went with the rifle, and I could not find it for awhile, but it was sitting in with Daisy and Baby Belle.
I put a perfect hit on it, it rolled over dead and then it got up. So the rule is you put lead into whatever area you can fleeing, so a raking shot was performed, and I missed the third shot as the cattle and horses had erupted behind the shot, and shot four was into the neck again............after which it sat up on it's haunches and then rolled over dead.

It was like trying to kill the Terminator.

I checked with God and the Holy Ghost said it was not rabid, but I buried it. That coon though was acting not right. They do get distemper, but it was not drooling for rabies......maybe it was just out of hibernation and acting weird. I know the source though and that is just one of those things in watching goats and kittens to not act strange as in rabid.

I better move on, as I have been getting email scams about nice the trolls pay attention and think they can torment me with that........oh and yes Conservative Tree House is full of minders and I know who have donated their amounts and have been using my email to phish and spam me.

Better days ahead.

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