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Was the Pentagon in charge of the FBI in Oregon?

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The murder of Robert LaVoy Finicum is a situation which upon closer examination is one which hints at events which only this blog has begun to uncover in Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusives.

The subject of this is Shawna Cox's eye witness testimony, backed up by her iphone recordings of the events of that night. Here are the facts we know for certain:

  1. The FBI edited the video before it was released.
  2. At least one dozen unidentified troops appeared from the trees upon the Cox surrender
  3. Shawna Cox, Ryan Payne and Victoria Sharp were only "detained".
  4. It would be over 2 hours before Ammon Bundy and the entire group were taken into custody.

I am going to revisit this, because it reveals something which dovetails into the information which Tex Marrs was told in Delta Force of the military was on scene.

I covered this in an earlier post WHEN DID OBAMA ORDER THE MURDER OF LAVOY FINICUM, 
because everything orbits around the odd events of that night in Oregon and it means the freedom or imprisonment of Ammon Bundy and the Patriots, because the Justice Department must in discovery reveal just who was in charge of this operation in Oregon. Meaning was the United States Army in charge of the murder of LaVoy Finicum or was it Gregory Bretzing of the FBI?

But the FBI’s alliance with JSOC continued to deepen. HRT members didn’t have to get approval to go on raids, and FBI agents saw combat night after night in the hunt for targets.
In 2008, with the FBI involved in frequent firefights, the bureau began taking a harder look at these engagements, seeking input from the military to make sure, in police terms, that each time an agent fired it was a “good shoot,” former FBI officials said.

Delta Force can not be deployed in America, without it being a national disaster or the local government can no longer function. None of those situations had taken place, so therefore the image of Barack Hussein Obama has engaged in a criminal act. That is not just an impeachment offense, but it is a criminal offense, because an illegal deployment of US troops took place in America, where one American was murdered, and the entire group was assaulted, as it is illegal to point laser sights at any Citizen.

What the evidence points to is that this was not an operation the FBI was in charge of, nor Oregon State Police. NO ONE attempted to take LaVoy Finicum into custody. When Ammon Bundy and his group, along with Shawna Cox, were "detained", they were "detained" for two hours.
Shawna Cox  revealed that Ammon Bundy was still not in custody after the massive attack on the LaVoy Finicum, and she did not see them taken into custody, until she and her group were drive back to the original location.

This is from the FBI which has been planning this operation for weeks. They certainly would have had warrants on these individuals and at the very least would have arrested them immediately for failing to stop for authorities in the Finicum group, and the Bundy group could have been taken into custody without charges.
That brings us back to, as the FBI was there we know, the Oregon State Police was there as we know, in all of this was confirmed, but why would this situation which was an ambush, that there is reported evidence of snipers clearing firing lanes, so there was preparation, as much as making certain the ambush site was correctly placed, as much as being a no cell phone reception, so this was not some oversight.

Furthermore we know Pete Santilli phoned the refuge to flush the Patriots there in part of the FBI multi level program which Special Agent Gregory Bretzing spoke of, which was meant to clear the refuge. With that kind of detailed preparation, certainly law enforcement could have taken these people  into custody.

Once again, if it was law enforcement, because if it was Delta Force in the military, they would have absolutely no jurisdiction to arrest Americans,  and would as Shawna Cox account reveals they were only detained, as that is all Delta Force could do, except shoot Americans.

That is what discovery must reveal to the defense. Was this a case where the FBI was only window dressing, and this was a military operation in America, like Jade Helm, which was completely illegal, as it had not met the legal requirements?

During the 1993 botched assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Tex., three Delta Force operators were on hand to advise. 

There has to be a reason people were detained for hours and left sitting in the snow. Everything else in this operation was to perfection. Oregon State Police apparently could not take custody and arrest, as this was a federal operation. The FBI which was supposed to be in charge was there, but yet they did not take the Americans into custody. This points to the military in charge of an operation in a violation of American law.
This means that this being an illegal operation on American soil by Delta Force, only authorized by the image Obama, that these Americans have been detained illegally, in effect kidnapped, and then handed over to the FBI to be charged.
Legally, no one can commit a crime against innocent Americans, in order to turn them over to the US Justice Department.

That legally means that none of these Patriots, in all they have been charged with, are legally there, and the courts must disavow all charges and release these Americans.

Someone has to ask the FBI, the White House and US Justice on the record, if Delta Force was in Oregon, and who authorized it, as this is damning. There is absolutely not any way that the US military had any legal qualifications to be deployed in America, and from that deployment Americans were assaulted, murdered and imprisoned.

We know that the FBI had only 5 snipers there from a Hostage Rescue Team. The Oregon State Police are accounted for. So who the hell were these dozen military snipers, who defied Obama authority in not having any mini cams on their helmets, and who were in these dozens of all black vehicles which Shawna Cox reported that appeared from a side road.

We know they had definite intelligence as they did not follow the escorts of the Sharp singers, but only deployed after the Bundy vehicle and never gave chase to the Finicum vehicle to the blind ambush site.

There is one more absolute in this that points to Delta Force in an illegal deployment of the military in America, and that is that areal footage which the FBI released all blacked out. That appears now to be a very high tech drone, as it was keeping up with the Finicum vehicle easily at over 70 miles per hour.

Discovery must glean as to exactly who these mystery military dressed individual were, who were all snipers. In them lay the real story of Oregon, and thee most criminal element of this Oregon story. This operation appears to be Pentagon led, without any civilian controls. We must know if the FBI and Oregon State Police were under the direct control of the Pentagon, and specifically Delta Force.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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