Friday, March 18, 2016

Mark Levin's Biological Attack on Eric Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Let us be frank in this, that thee entire Erick Erickson, Ted Cruz, Glenn stabber Beck, Matt Walsh, Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh led attacks and smears upon Donald Trump, now funded by George Soros rent a mob has unleashed biological terrorism on the Family of Donald Trump.

Mysterious White Powder, Threatening Letter Sent to Eric ...

The letter, which arrived at Eric Trump's 14th Floor apartment in the building, was opened by his wife Lara when white powder fell out of the package. The NYPD,

Mark Levin is responsible for this as much as Erick Erickson in his deranged "anyone but Trump" manifesto.

This is what revolution looks like. You have Karl Rove and Mitt Romney with fraud voting machines on one side to steal elections and you have Obama in his Diebold e fraud out of Dominion Canada stealing them back on the others side of the same cartel, and then Ted Cruz stealing votes, Marco Rubio stealing votes, John Kasich stealing votes.........Hillary Clinton stealing votes from Bernie a mobs raging and Ted Cruz and John Kasich blaming Donald Trump.........Erick Erickson in secret meetings to destroy the Republican Party, and the next thing that shows up is someone, found the HOME ADDRESS of Eric Trump, with his wife and children, and through the mail sent a terror letter with a biological attack on these innocent people, in Mark Levin's tyranny.

Mark Levin kept Obama in power, but has went holocaust on Donald Trump for foreigner Ted Cruz. The combined rant and rave now has loosed some lunatic into thinking that this is acceptable behavior, because if Mark Levin is doing it and Rush Limbaugh is mocking Donald Trump, then certainly some booger can be justified, as we have seen on FOX how the Rubio and Cruz verbal assaults are exactly how one deals with Donald Trump.

This mania which has been deliberately generated against Donald Trump, by the billionarie oligarchs in America from secret Silcon Valley meetings with Conservative think tanks is all a conspiracy, and I demand that every one of these rich people and their mic heads be indicted, as that Bernie nut was for attacking Donald Trump, on federal terrorism charges, and this entire ilk be thrown into Gitmo for the next 20 years for their crimes.

Eric Trump, his innocent wife and children, have done nothing to deserve this, and this ALL comes from image Obama to Mark Levin in their rants and rages. They are responsible for ginning up this terrorism, and it past time that they feel the full Justice Department weight in prosecution.

My hope is the good which comes out of  this, is Donald Trump and his wife are hardened to the reality now of what this blog has warned of. Mr. Trump is going to have to be an iron fist. He is going to have to unleash the entire Justice Department on this ilk when in power, because this murderous mob of squat assassins will not stop.
The only way to face Mark Levin tyranny is by unleashing George Washington's Founders mandate in driving the Tories from American shores or hanging them in courts.

These mic heads of the billionaire fags have been generating these assassination attempts, and it is time that they be dragged from their beds at 3 AM in their underwear to feel the full wrath of the American People in the Criminal Courts to protect Donald Trump, his family and all Americans.

May God transform Donald Trump into the exact leader that God reckons America requires, and may God see to it that Donald Trump, his wife, the children, grandchildren or pets are not harmed, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.

This is going to require a very harsh legal treatment, and if Mr. Trump is too kind, he needs to hire this done, as there are adults who will prosecute this to the fullest measure of Justice.

Restore our security clearances President Trump and we will employ a most rigorous enforcement of law and order for your safety and America's sake.

..........and people will only in a few years wonder for a few moments as to what ever happened to all of these traitors.