Thursday, March 3, 2016

Why Donald Trump Won The Detroit Debate


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Ask yourself this:

When you are a white person in a check out line, do you like listening to two chattering beaners annoying you in never shutting up?

When you are a black person at the cash register in a check out line, do you love listening to beaners chattering at you like gophers in our own country, and while you try to be polite, they act like they own the country and are looking at you like they are better than blacks?

When you are an Asian, do you like listening to beaners chatter at you in Spanish, when you took the time to learn English to do business?

When you are Hispanic, do you enjoy being behind a swarm of beaners, who have just pissed off the other white people in line, the black clerk and the asian owner, so when your time to check out comes, you have everyone glaring at you like you are a beaner?

I desire you to look at what FOX with cock on her breath Megyn Kelly, and these now two Cubans who look like sweaty cocks, just presented to Americans, real Americans, who were reminded about how damned obnoxious all of these invaders are in destroying the natural balance of society.........knowing what prejudices we all have from daily experience with these rude, raping, robbing border busters, do you think Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, owned by the billionaires looking North and South America, that the Ugly Immigrants did themselves and good tonight in being asses to Donald Trump again, or all they did was produce the stereotype of why to God we all want this Obama invasion stopped and Donald Trump is thee only one who will do it.


That is why Donald Trump won the debate. Mr. Trump has lured out Rubio and Cruz to be exactly what they are inside, and what every group, white, black, yellow and brown, detests and hates about these obnoxious invaders, as they are not in the least bit American.

Donald Trump wins again, and proves what a genius he is in the art of the deal, in having Cruz and Rubio destroy themselves. Nom de Dieu children, Cruz and Rubio are alienating their own supporters now in being this third world on stage.

Total Votes: 85,922

Nuff Said.