Friday, March 4, 2016

Manna from Cherry

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was reading the brilliant work of Russian scholar, Immanuel Velikovsky, in his book, Worlds in Collision and came across a reference he had to manna, which started me considering what it was exactly.

The basis of the work of Immanuel Velikovsky, is that there were two "wars in the heavens". In Collissions he focuses on the second war, which dealt with Venus striking Jupiter as a comet, and producing the world transforming events of the children of Israel exiting Egypt.
It is a horrific tale which is a glimpse of what Wormwood which is coming will impart upon this world.

What though I desire to focus on in this manna is looking at some realities which are backed by other texts from China and the Americas. In basis, the comet or Venus in it's tail spread not only darkness, but red hematoid pigment across the globe, which killed many things. In the upheaval and darkness, or gloominess plant life was not resilient.

So it makes one ponder in the Land flowing with milk and honey, the statement that manna when it fell on water, turned the water's milky and manna did taste like honey bread, that as God created miracles of plagues, He certainly could have created other means naturally in a comet torn world.

Manna is stated as forming at night like frost, and it melted before the sun. It would rot and spoil and worms would eat it, if it was stored.

The Arabic for manna points to a "lice of the tree" or what I believe more to the point, in as other cultures reported a fly infestation during the plagues, which could have come from all the death of the red dust, perhaps this atmosphere of carbon, hydrogen and whatever, produced in a gloom, an insect life which like an aphid would nightly produce a honeydew, like bees due in nectar from flowers and is stored as honey.
What if there was from this comet which lifted oceans to a mile high, caused thunderbolts across the solar system, changed earth rotation, and caused massive death globally, that there was something of nutrient value in that cosmic "dirt" that when mixed with dew in the night, produced a miniature insect population in mass for decades, which fed everything, as a sort of insect honey.

Manna is said to resemble bdellium, which is a resin from plants. Ants are known to harvest the honeydew from aphids to eat it, so what if there was an insect which having this billions of pounds of cosmic comet soup to breed and eat in, simply converted it by God's Grace to a food substance, which did not entomb the world in, but simply melted away into the ground when heated by the sun. It is possible that the microwaves of the sun, actually found a substance which it heated more readily than other materials, and is why this manna melted much like frost does. 

There is also something in this, that I have noted that "snow mold" seems to grow under deep snows, and there might be something as simple as a fungus, of a family such as Psilocybe cubensis, which reproduces, and disappears quickly. It is equally possible that some type of fungus or mold, unique to the comet, and brooded out of sunlight for rapid growth to convert a 40 year supply of comet growing medium, into food to feed a planet at risk.

This is more than conjecture and is quite miraculous, because it is a miracle of God, and this is a miracle that if humanity could figure out which insect it was, and what manner of sustenance it was feeding upon during this time, as if it were a base group like carbon, as termites feed on a more complex cellulose form of carbon, that humanity could manufacture this product to feed the world or any world it chose to colonize.

It could have been this hematoid dust which covered the earth, killing almost everything, or it could have been something of an atmospheric injection of nutrients, or a combination of both. We know the product manna existed, the ambrosia of God, and the hint it was from insects like honey in the base words. This is now a mystery closer to being solved, and call it a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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