Friday, April 22, 2016

Americans Instead of Harriet Tubman

For the Cause of Liberty, I Would Tie ALL My Children to the Bed ...

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I am deadly serious in Harriet Tubman does not belong on any currency, as she was property like a mule, who invaded Pennsylvania, and then as Obama terrorists now, she helped begin a Civil War in America, divesting Southern States of their legal property which then invaded the North.
Harriet Tubman was never American and nothing but an abolitionist tool.

I instead call to leave the American Currency in peace with those upon it, but so you are educated, there are female heroes in America, and this begins with Margaret Corbin.

Mrs. Corbin was at the battle of Fort Washington with her husband, cannoneer, John. He was killed in battle, and Mrs. Corbin joined the battle, taking his place at the cannon, where she was wounded and left for dead. A passing physician saved her.
She was an invalid the rest of her life, but was the first woman voted a pension by Congress for serving in battle for these United States of America.

There is Anne Buras, a 14 year old girl, servant of Thomas and Anne Forrest. Within a year in being one of the first two women to found Jamestown Colony in Virginia, 1607 AD in the year of our Lord, Anne married John Layton, where upon this first American woman, married in the colonies, produced the first American child, named Virginia.

 Finally, there is Catherine Moore Barry. You probably have never heard of this Patriot, but in the epic battle of Yorktown which General Cornwallis was forced to surrender to General Washington, there was an event which created all of this which was vital, as much as the French assistance with troops and their fleet.

General Morgan was the American in command, and General Cornwallis was in the process with his massive force to crush the Americans. General Morgan appealed to Catherine Barry who was an American there familiar with the country and her countrymen.
This Patriot gathered the armed American locals, who joined with General Morgan to set a trap for Lord Cornwallis, and defeated him. This defeat sent him in retreat to Yorktown, where General Washington was waiting with the American forces to defeat the British.
Catherine Moore Barry's grand scout is as epic as Paul Revere's Ride which began the War for Independence, as her efforts set the stage that America is a nation today.

I do not in the least believe in awarding anyone for their genitals. I do not believe in awarding anyone anything for race. A nation rewards those who serve their nation. There were many men and women in the founding of America, who are equal to the three Americans above, and every last one of them is Colorado Rocky Mountain higher in prestige and honor, deserving recognition when compared to this Harriet Tubman creature who Abraham Lincoln if he had survived would have shipped these emancipated properties off to Panama to finish the French canal there.

Harriet Tubman is the image of Obama and Cruz. She was an invader to America, a foreigner and nothing but a terrorist sympathizer, who cost America a US President in assassination and over 500,000 Americans dead.

I demand Andrew Jackson to remain on the 20 dollar bill. I demand that Mt. McKinley be returned to that name. I demand that these three women be recognized for their value to America in simply being Americans, and a good start would be Catherine Moore Barry on the dime in replacing that treacherous Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

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