Friday, April 22, 2016

Ted Cruz and Rush Limbaugh Coordinating Smears Against Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A confidential memo from the Cruz campaign surfaced in the delegate theft in Georgia, and in it contains the absolute proof that the Cruz campaign was coordinating with a CIA mind conditioning program in an nestling of Mockingbird. When you find out which media source created the talking point for the Cruz criminals, you should be infuriated, because the name "trumpster" is racist, bigoted and designed to create a "hate America response".

I am not going to build this up, because the source of this is the person who creates tracking phrases to measure how easy it is for the cartel to mind condition Americans, in such terms as "drive by media" or "feminazi" in this mic head fraud who was sent in to destroy free talk radio in Rush Limbaugh.

Rush Limbaugh is the only source in media who uses the hate term of "trumpster". Anything with a 'ster' on the end is designed to be condescending and something not to be regarded. For the Trump supporters, what Rush Limbaugh is calling them is Niggers, Spics and Mics. That is how utterly degrading it is, in sub human, and we know it orginated from Big Koch talking points, because of that confidential memo of the Cruz campaign which was never to see the light day.

Here is the quote.

You can track  this online as Cruz booger,  Lloyd Marcus, was implementing this term, calling people Nigger Evangelicals, from the very start of  this.

Lloyd Marcus: Dear Evangelical Trumpsters — The Patriot Post

Email Digests; Humor; Right Opinion; ... Dear Evangelical Trumpsters. Lloyd Marcus · Feb. 29, ... Ted Cruz is the only candidate who grasps the intensity of the ...

So this is two media sources, one of which was actively campaigning for this fraud Ted Cruz, and the other in Limbaugh who was actively laundering Cruz money for good airtime on his program, both utilizing the racist slur against Americans, "trumpster".

Sincerely in this, Mark Levin, does not stoop to using racist or bigoted terms, for search does not reveal that he is using this racist slur against Americans, and it is not secret that Mark Levin is scorched earth vitriol against Donald Trump, and it appears that the reason is due to the effective work of Roger Stone.

Mark Levin: Trump tax plan is Reaganesque - YouTube

Mark Levin: Trump tax plan is Reaganesque mark kaiju. ... Mark Levin: I AM NOT voting for Donald Trump, you can thank Roger Stone for that!

My apologies for the Gaytube link, but it is where Levin's feature is, and he admits that Donald Trump's economic plan is like Ronald Reagan's, but that Levin is never voting for Donald Trump due to Roger Stone. For all the suckering and betrayal Mark Levin has gone through from Orin Hatch and now Ted Cruz frauds, I would hope as Ted Cruz has now ruined the Conservative label completely, and can not win the nomination, that Mark Levin would allow the better angels of his character which does exist, to find a way  to figure out that Roger Stone is not Donald Trump, and America would be better off if Mr. Levin took the Sean Hannity reality of sucking it up, and stop being a race baiter like Rush Limbaugh.
I do not threaten in this, but knowing Roger Stone's abilities, in being a protege of Roy Cohen and his associate Bobby Kennedy, I would make peace with Donald Trump, simply for the sake that Roy Cohen Jewry is something Mark Levin's Jewry will be eaten by.
To put it to Mr. Levin, this is a fight that I mean to win, because I know what awaits me on the other side in no one is going to give me quarter, so losing is not an option. I extend my hand, not being a part of the Trump campaign, and if you can not outwardly be supporting Donald Trump, then stop being against him like racist Limbaugh in hating Americans. Unload on Hillary Clinton and that we can agree upon.

I make this point, in Mark Levin in his fury, can be honest, in Sean Homo Hannity can be fair, then what does it say about this Butt Sexton, Erick Erickson and Rush Limbaugh beckery in their yellow micerism, being profane and getting cash support from this foreign bred, Ted Cruz.

There is no doubt that Rush Limbaugh created the "trumpster" racism, for the Cruz campaign and has been coordinating with them for cash payola. Limbaugh is a weak little man, who married a minder daughter blonde, to repeat the same lines he has been for over 20 years, as his original scripted stuff ran out by year 10 and he has been plagiarizing since then, until caught, and now just is a Cruz racist in being a bore, in a monopolized market owned by the intelligence wing of the cartel.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, and this is serious, as there are FEC and FCC rules against this kind of unrevealed coordination, money exchanging hands and not equal time for all the other candidates. As in fines and jail time.

If Mark Levin would simply dump this fraud Tedwardo Cruz, and join Sean Hannity for the election of Donald Trump, I would hope that Roger Stone lets Mark Levin keep his program, and I am sure that something could be worked out with Michael Savage and Andy Dean, as someone will have to fill in the Limbaugh hours when he is in prison, and Beau Snerdly is doing more than checking the plumbing for prison widow, Catherine Limbaugh.

We know of the above emails that the Cruz campaign was ordered to leave their cell phones active, exactly as Amanda Carpenter spread the vicious lies about Ben Carson in Iowa. To get to the bottom of this "smoking trumpster" in all of it's criminal coordination, the FBI is going to have to seize all of these booger phones, haul them in, and they will start squealing to save themselves and then we are going to find out just how much of this from Limbaugh's lips was putting the Cruz kiss on Mark Levin's lips.

It is always a shame when a trusting man like Levin gets sucked into racism, bigotry and criminal intrigue. His being an officer of the court makes this a greater offense as if he has any knowledge of this, he should have reported the above Limbaugh Cruz crimes.

The saga continues and now Roger Stone knows something which Attorney General Chris Christie can unleash in a full FBI investigation to make prison widows out of numbers of these Cruz frauds in breaking American election laws as they like Ted Cruz shattered America's trust.

Ted Cruz Isn't Cheating, He's Winning - The Rush Limbaugh Show

RUSH: I don't see Ted Cruz lying and cheating his way to the convention. I see a lot of hard work. I see some people who know what they have to do, given ...

In US Criminal Courts that is Rush Hudson Limbaugh aiding and abetting high crimes against these disUnited States.

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