Friday, April 29, 2016

Audit Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg Is Flanked By 16 Bodyguards - TOTPI

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We now know that having your own private jet and having poor people in America pay for it, is part of "security" tax deductions according to Mark Zuckerberg over at fascist Facebook.

The security package includes bodyguards, private-jet travel and maintenance of alarms, cameras and other equipment at his residences, documents show.

For the past 3 years, Zuckerberg's "security" has gone up a million dollars a year, to 5 million last year. This fraud has MORE SECURITY than Donald Trump!
According to the records, Zuckerberg has 16 security agents on rotation around the clock. That amounts to 5 people shadowing this naked drunken buffoon every 8 hour shift.

No other CEO from Apple, General Electric or for that matter in image Obama is racking up that kind of personal bills in security. All this is, is a scam fleecing taxpayers, and it is media hype out of Facebook to try and scare off ISIS who Zuckerberg flipped the bird to, from attempting to rid the world of this tax fraud Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg has no friends. He only has employees, and he is paying people to be around him as he is such a pimple assed prick. None of this is Zuckerberg being paranoid. It is about Zuckerberg greed.

Seriously, for all the non American 3rd world trash that Zuckerberg employs with all the Muslims he is offering jobs to, how hard would it be for a San Bernardino couple to camp out at Facebook with various swimming pool products and other Osama bin Laden low technology offerings and all of this information shows up where the 5 million dollar fascist works and lives........and I did not bother with online propaganda in where the Zuckerberg jet flies out of as in other chokepoints.

Sincerely, Mark Zuckerberg needs to hire someone beyond is Facebook board, as it all appears like they want this comptard tits up, so they can inherit the company. I just feel compassion for those 16 security pigeons, because if Obama information fed ISIS, along with all of these other plugged in regimes from Afghanistan to Libya, it is about as ........I just hope the families of these security personnel have a death benefits clause.

Seriously, it looks to my assessment, that someone at Homeland is looking to cover up the Zuckerberg link to intelligence circles by posting exact locations for some enterprising Islamic trolls to solve an Obama problem of too much information.

Zuckerberg has foundationed the loot that the NSA  gave him, so that is in the loop, and he really is not like Steve Jobs in having any value for alien design, and that leaves him a loose end, for some real intelligence assets to manage Facebook at a cheaper rate.

I just want this 5 million dollars back on the tax rolls with the IRS, as  this is not a legitimate expense, unless my buying cat food is a security deduction too for my watch cats.
Zuckerberg owes 1.5 million dollars more in taxes on this fraud "security" deduction.

Google though which meets with image Obama at the White House is quite cooperative in providing exact details to everything Zuckerberg. That kind of trail, I would bet on the NSA replacing this comptard sooner than later.

Mark Zuckerberg Security Guards Amount | The Daily Caller

That is Daily Caller 5 million dollar security, a fag black dude and a dyke butch. One concludes that ISIS has been laughing so hard, they have not had time to catch their breath to actually issue orders.

Oh and it is nice to see that Black Lives Matter only on the Zuckerberg storyboards, as Zuckerberg puts the skinhead dude on display to have terrorists mark him, as that black life does not matter.