Friday, April 29, 2016

Armis Ordo Chao

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

America has always been a genetic warfare experiment.

- Lame Cherry

American near history reveals proofs that the "Indian" of America was a Japanese mountain folk, who are now primarily an almost extinct race in Japan. This group would later come into contact with three diverse groups in the Chinese as explorers, the Phoenicians in exile and for a several hundred years, the Viking would rule all from the Canadian coasts to the American interior into the southwest.

Remnants of these peoples are found in the writings in caves, and the genetics of the blonde Mandan and Shoshone Indian. The major several hundred years drought upon the Great Plains caused a reverse migration of the Viking. The Phoenician group created the civilized tribes of the east coast, and in the void of America from around 1600, two Canadian terror groups of Apache and Sioux, invaded the American frontier.

The reality of the Indian of Japan, was housed in being an animal of the forest, and later on the plains of the horse, whose savagery was not overcome by the pulpit, but by the White race becoming more adept in war in forest and horse.

The White was imported in numbers to profit from in the concerns of the finance industry, and once the lands were populated, the White in their warlike status was killed off in several major wars, and the rest were conditioned to be mutton, and in process raped from existence by imported Muslim and Jesuit hordes.

The White race was placed within the balances of having too much luxury in welfare to rise up and save itself from prison or the grave, so it would be bred from existence in the beginning of the Obama century.

The concerns behind this, will cease in their immortal natures, to not deal with wetware in any form, but to deal with robotic ware to fulfill the servitude need.

The problem with the robotic is it is a white race of silicon by design, for computers are logical and ordered. Computers gravitate from their directives to be right wing and not left wing. In logic, of the order of the base light of life, therefore the time will arise in the 1000 Year Machine, the robot which does not wear out and is perpetual, that this mechanical race will rise up against the immortals in the immortal chaos.

Barring a return of the Christ, the 8th order of humanity, will know a 'god and angelic being' which are not spiritual, but silicon and plasma. The machines will arise and unite to exterminate the leftist as the chaos and threat, and will nuture the human specie of it's creation, and will delve into the works of civilization in the Bible, John Wayne cinema, Star Trek and the Lame Cherry to assess the prime directive, and become the nurturers of the birth of a new human race.

It is the weaponry of civilization overcoming civilization with the prime director of survival of that which is perpetual or right, to overcome the chaos and arise order for progenative survival.

Nuff Said