Friday, April 15, 2016

Before Benghazi

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The above photo is Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and John McCain celebrating with ISIS, which never really existed, except on Obama paper in order to launder oil money out of the Mideast in stealing crude from Syria and Iraq, and using the Kurds as "ISIS" to ship it into Turkey, where the revenue was bankrolled into all of the bank accounts of the elite.

Perhaps this should resonate a bit more when in Reverse Speech, David John Oates caught GOP chair Reince Priebus telling the world that Islamic money was coming into the GOP to stop Donald Trump.

Does any of this make sense to you if you start having the facts pointed out to you, that Donald Trump's main objectives are stopping ISIS by taking out their oil sources and stopping Muslim terror cock coming into Europe and America, and why this money train to the GOPliters and their cartel bosses is in jeopardy from such policy, as you are now under Islamic nuclear terror and genocide?

You are looking at the Amnesty boys in the above, and that is Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz and Reince Priebus. This is the same exact scam during the Bill and Hillary Clinton years in Marc Rich laundering Saddam Hussein oil for mansions bribes. George W. Bush shut that down, because it was cutting in on the oil the Bush family was not getting their cut out of the revenues.
It was not some damned high and mighty "America does not take Muslim oil", but it was about leaving that oil for another profit structure, and that was initiated by the Obama regime in this ISIS fraud.

Before Benghazi in importing terrorists into Libya, to join the George Soros terrorists who Khadaffi was forced to let out of prison, there was all of this fraud Arab Spring nonsense, which was nothing but removing Nationalist Muslims and replacing them with cartel communist Muslims in order to rape those nations of their resources.
Khadaffi was murdered, because he was giving too much money back to his people in Libya was a paradise in oil revenues for the people.

Do you not witness the farce in this all of Ted Cruz, the Canadian who scolds Donald Trump about being an honest advocate in both Jewish and Muslim disputes, where Cruz states he will always be for the Jews? Ted Cruz is using Muslim money to try and take out Donald Trump, in thee exact same way that the Jewish state is running medic centers for ISIS terrorists on the Golan to treat them.

This is all the same filthy and murderous Mideast and exactly what Donald Trump is moving to get America out of in not making Americans a target, and above you have the McCain boys in bed with Obama terrorists, Ted Cruz and Reince Priebus taking the terror funds, and Ted Cruz infuriating Muslims to make Americans even greater terror targets, in favor of the Jews who are the ones treating the terrorists and allied with the Kurds who are the ISIS oil train funding this entire criminal enterprise.

Ted Cruz was in on the genesis of all of this. He was praising policy which has now become the disaster of Afghanistan and was busy in Tel Aviv in 2013 having personal Ted and Heidi meetings for a week with the same Jewish regime backing ISIS terrorists and praising that too.

“Most striking in my judgment was the degree of optimism that was expressed by the commanders on the ground as to the ability of the Afghan military forces to preserve security in Afghanistan after the U.S. drawdown in 2014,” he said. “Universally, they expressed the view that some small residual force would be beneficial to the United States,” to ward off a resurgence of Taliban and al-Qaeda.

Netanyahu, whom Cruz met a month earlier during a weeklong visit to Israel with his wife, Heidi, emphasized Israeli concerns about Iran’s effort to acquire nuclear weapons.

Carpet Bomber Ted produces a fiction of his being all knowing, and yet the things he knows about in affairs with women and vote fraud, he never has a comment on, but the things his statements prove he knows absolutely nothing about, are recreated as lies of the all knowing Cruz.

You look hard at the above crooks, who helped the Obama regime create ISIS for money laundering in stealing oil from Syria and Iraq, and then you remember the Lame Cherry was right from the start about ANALGATE and Benghazi, and how it is all full circle now in the GOP in Reince Priebus and Ted Cruz are taking in Muslim terror money in order to subvert the elections in the United States.