Thursday, April 14, 2016

Keystroke Amplified

An Introduction to Orgone for Beginners - AETHERFORCE

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I want to thank people for writing and for their support and their cleverness in #'s. I have been busy all day today in the glam work of washing piles of winter clothes that needed a heavy machine, so I am just getting things sorted out.

I wanted to reply though to some questions like from Captain Kirk on blessings using keystrokes. Sincerely, I was basing what I was doing on mass amplification of like signs and hiding things in public. If you want to bless people, you can find in webdings or wingdings in most progams some Christian symbol, if you are lazy like me, then just put a T for a cross or whatever you come up with <'=={ some people might think that looks like a fish which as the first Gospel sign Christians used in code to not end up in the Roman games.

Good Morning Lame Cherry and Tiger Lily and Lame Cherry's Mom,
I pray that you are having a blessed morning.

I know I send way too many emails, but I have a kind of quick question.
When using hashbrown tags, and polarity +/-, etc. as you wrote about
yesterday, what do you do when many of these people have you blocked
from their emails, fakebook and twaddle accts? I don't have text access
to them. It would seem that my hands would be tied, would it not?

Would the same rules apply if I just start doing it on my fakebook page
without them being able to see it?

...and no people do not send too many emails, I just am handicapped for time somedays.

I neglected to mention that this is about your Will in God's Will. What you put into it is your will. You are a force in this, and things posted in public comments about baking cakes with #GOPliters - $ are still like..........this is current as akin to electricity. If a hedge trimmer falls into an Olympic size swimming pool and you are on the other end, you are still going to get  tingled. It is the same thing in real life. Pray for a seed you plant and it will grow according to the good or evil you pray in intent. A prayer to God is the same current. The internet is just a cheat sheet for people who have not developed completely yet, so just posting it....even sending it out in an email to a non address and it returns to your email, puts that into the internet current.
The effect though magnifies when all of these trolls are reading it whether in perplexity which is an emotion, as when you post things, you make certain the energy charge magnifies in all who read it, and it does not come back on you or your family.
There is a reason King Solomon went into the long hand version of laying the sins on Joab and others and not his father, David's house. The Bible is teaching you these things and you are just becoming aware now that this is a weapon.

It is always better to empower your enemies to repent, as that is a positive charge which overcomes their negative charge and shorts them out as in bringing them to ruin as the Holy Ghost is a Consuming Flame. Either they change to light or they become oblivion.

I hope that helps. It is always best if people do not have any idea of what you are thinking or posting, because they will put up barriers. It is always best to have them think they are in charge of their nasty little spewery of hate as it leaves them wide open on the spiritual, and they have no idea their own thoughts are the spiritual cancer destroying them............and when the time comes that they have been neutralized they are absolutely no use to satan and being full of inquity are dispatched like Canaanites to Sheol.

Well enough of this, as gotta jet.

God bless and guide you to be an instrument to His Will for His Way, His Truth, His Life to overcome the evil of this age for the return of our Master, Christ the Lord, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.

PS: Remember that all of the meanness and hate which the Cruz boogers have been spewing is a finite Ted Cruz wave. It will return upon them all with an amplified force simply by God's Laws and the Law of Nature in Newtonian Physics.