Thursday, April 28, 2016

Can Indiana Be Saved From Cruzifer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Are we now in the world of the false prophets of Baal? But who will decide if it is Glenn Beck who is the new Baalim or is it John Boehner?

The details are details in the revelation from John Boehner stating that Ted Cruz is Cruzifer, Lucifer in the Flesh.

All of this is important as Steve Quayle of Montana has been stating for years that demon erections have been ejaculating sperm into sexy earth women, and making Nephillium, the legendary giants of the Bible.
(Never mind that spirits do not produce sperm.)

But mind that now John Boehner has solved all of this, in Ted Cruz, yes named RAPHAEL, yes that arch angel from Jewish Talmud stuff.......and you know olde Ted is all pro Jew against Muslims, so is this a clever ploy in Rafael Sr. is really a sperm donating demon, whose deposit made little Ted, and now Ted Cruz is Cruzifer, not just .............who was it?

Yes Ted Cruz was looked at as the Zodiak Killer. Yes I can see how all of this would make perfect sense, in Cruzifer eating boogers, yes the flesh of men is what Cruzifer dines upon and without that flesh he eats his own unholy boogers.

As Ted is not a Steve Quayle giant, what does that mean in will Ted's little girls be giants or could it be that Ted's sperm is retarded.........does Ted Cruz produce SPERMTARDS and that is why his little girls which he offers up to his worshiping masses to oggle are only normal sized.......or is it that Ted Cruz has cleverly disguised an entire new race taking over the Republican party in contesting with the Queen of Hell, Hillary Clinton.

Satanists Furious Cruz Compared to Dark Lord...
BOEHNER: He's 'Lucifer in the flesh'...
Exorcist explains how would cleanse of demonic possession...

Must Indiana now be bathed holy water to protect them? Furthermore what about this Carly Fiorina? Is she the high priestess of the Ted rites, and were all these women Ted Cruz was sexing, part of some satanic rites........did Carly Fiorina offer up all these young virgins and now stands at Ted's side of the new order?

I think it was much easier when we just had humans like Donald Trump running for office. I mean no messiah Obama, no face of god Ted Cruz....yeah I am sort of leaning now for John Boehner on that Cruzifer thing, in Glenn Beck and Heidi Cruz were vouching for that Ted Cruz god thing, and Rush Limbaugh  was prophesying about it too.

I wonder now about the Washington Post in tracking down an exorcist to take on Ted Cruz, because how do you exorcise a demon out of a demon? Sounds more to me like Ted might just go poof ....or worse yet, what if Ted gets exorcised and goes into a herd of pigs in Indiana like Jesus threw those demons out of that one naked lunatic, and those Indiana hogs go racing off down a hill to some lake and all drown, and the EPA has to come in and fine Indiana for Ted Cruz pigicide or something like that?

.......and worse yet, what about all those led astray Cruz boogers? You do remember that Revelation thing about the mark of beast and the very elect could almost be deceived by the anti Christ...........and the Boogers have now been deceived by Ted Cruz with the mark of Ted, and Rush Limbaugh was the false prophet or is it Mark Levin or is it Glenn Beck or it is Erick Erickson........and you do remember those who bowed to the anti Christ that like their tongues rot off and their flesh is self-eating and they can not die...........oh my what will happen to the anti Trump followers?
Oh my what penalty is there for following Cruzifer?????

Who knew it would be Cubano Canadian Ted Cruz on one point of the pentagram, John Boehner on the other, Queen of Hell Clinton and shapeshifter Obama on the other.........and only one more point left for rapist Bernie Sanders or sodomite John Kasich to fill the void.

If only we had known all of this from the start, poor Amanda Carpenter having her virginity sacrificed to Ted Cruz and poor Rush Limbaugh selling his soul before Big Koch anointing.

Will it now be Biblical apocalypto in fire and brimstone on all the Ted Cruz states, will Indiana flee sodom or will it be the New World Death Sea, along with Ben Sasse's Nebraska.............oh my what has this Cruzifer wrought in this orgy of demonism which Cruz boogers have gone bacchanal in, in losing their minds in going after false American Ted Cruz and giving up Jesus for their face of Cruz.

Oh my where will this all end.