Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cruzifer in the Flesh

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My children, when I first heard John Boehner calling someone Lucifer in the flesh, I thought it was something about Donald Trump, but upon later looking up the story, I was simply amused at John Boehner calling Ted Cruz the devil.

You see my children in this blog there is a construct at times in you have to take all of the mud which is thrown at Donald Trump and make a castle or turn into a fossil encased in the sediments. What I mean by this is on Right Wing News, there was a soulless Cruz booger doing that litmus test again that none of you are going to Heaven, are American and not Conservative if you do not jack step all to Ted Cruz in worshiping at his knees.

Here is the quote and I will explain.

Kennedy asked Boehner to be frank given that the event was not being broadcasted, and the former Speaker responded in kind. When specifically asked his opinions on Ted Cruz, Boehner made a face, drawing laughter from the crowd.

“Lucifer in the flesh,” the former speaker said. “I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a b**** in my life.”

Boehner described other Republican candidates as friends. In particular, the former speaker said he has played golf with Donald Trump for years and that they were “texting buddies.”

See Dave Blount on Right Wing News, if he was Inspired and had a modicum of the intelligence that Ted Cruz and the boogers think they have, they would have stated that, Lucifer was full of beauty and wisdom according to the Bible, and thank Mr. Boehner for the compliment.
For my work, I would  then shred the Cruz spin from worship bent at the waist Amanda Carpenter with, "Yes Lucifer was full of beauty and wisdom before the fall, but after he was just like Ted Cruz in being full of shit and ugly like the father of lies, satan".

There is an art form and poetry to all of this. Ted Cruz and his soulless creatures have absolutely no Inspiration or creativity in order to play this like Roger Stone or Dick Tuck. You simply have to enjoy this and no one on Ted Cruz's staff enjoys any of this, and all they want is to be worshiped for being ugly and stupid.

John Kass of the Tribune wrote a pretty good article about Ted Cruz and John Kasich being like Thelma and Louise going off the cliff, and the GOP is the crashed car for their being political suicides. Every Cruz voter has to face this and the more writers which post that reality, it will get through to them as Ted Cruz hijacked their minds long ago and they are ready to jump off the abyss with Cruz.

It is absolutely insane for Sean Homo Hannity to be spewing about Ted Cruz's chances with Carly Fiornia. Ted Cruz HAS NO CHANCE at delegates, winning, nomination or second ballot. Not with trying to manipulate women in Indiana with Carly Fiorina or in California with Jerry Brown signing amnesty voting for all invaders.

Ted Cruz needs to thank Donald Trump for not ruining him with adultery prison before the Texas primary as Jeb Bush and the GOPliters had planned to seize the nomination, and then wait to be on the Supreme Court where he can hire a black gay clerk to do all the thinking for him like at Princeton.
I doubt any cases will ever be decided with Cruz on the court, as he will never stop talking in wanting to be adored there.
Poor Ruth Ginsburg will die on the bench and John Roberts' little gay bar boys will all grow up to be old men before John gets to Harvey Wallbanger them.

I do like this though about Cruzifer in the Flesh. This goes a great deal of the way to taking away all the garbage Boehner did to Conservatives in Congress and for being Obama's golf buddy. I could see sticking him as Ambassador of some vineyard in France where he could take brandywine baths, or put him as United Nations Ambassador as a reward, as one good sour puss face for Ted Cruz while praising everyone else in the GOP from Mike Huckabee to Donald Trump is something to be enjoyed for a laugh today, instead of listening to Ted Cruz wheeze on again in another diatribe how only he can save the world and if we would all just submit to him, everything would be just like God intended.

Come to think of it, that does sound like satan on the Temple talking to Jesus.