Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cherry Chi Blanket

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I intend in these posts if I get them done concerning orgone, is to take the galactic leap from William Reich to whoever the people are that crystallized it, to the next amplification.

The weaponization comes later as I about have that figured out in God's direction. For me the breaking apart has always been easier than the building. I am just natural at this. It is glorious in my mind what weaponized orgone will be, but I am thinking of the ailing first.

The basics of Wilhelm Reich's orgone machine was a box made of layers of organic and inorganic materials which collected natural energies, positive and negative.

Later others added crystals and converted the DOR or negative energy to positive, in various machinery.

I am first though going to construct a Chi Blanket, or the Cherry Chi Covering, as the ones online are failing as horse and buggy to plasma drive. There will not be pictures, as I can not afford the materials yet, but this blanket should not cost over 100 dollars American.

Ok, get yourself 2 military wool blankets, and fold them in half. So now you have two sandwiches.

Between the blanket sandwiches you put in a layer of steel wool. So now you have two steel wool sandwiches.

Now get yourself a spool of some like 12 or 14 gauge copper wire. You need to measure out a length which equals two sacred cubits, which is like 72 inches roughly if you are lazy. Bend this into U shape as shown, and start coiling it around CLOCKWISE.
After you get this accomplished in the coil, you take your double pointed quartz crystal, and you twist the U copper end around it, to make a pendant type thing. You can put fiberglass resin on it to seat it.

Let that dry, and then take your two sandwiches, and you are going to now make it a double decker sandwich in put a bat of steel wool between them, and place your pendant coil about in the center and with cotton sewing thread, just anchor it secure so it remains in place.

Now get yourself some big diaper safety pins and pin it all together so you have this blanket complete. If you are industrious then sew it up, but I am assuming you are lazy......or if you are half lazy you can sew the folded over edges together to make four flaps and then just pin the other together for the Cherry Chi Blanket.

Ok some things to keep in mind. Do not get this wet as water is a conductor of energy in being the most polar thing on the planet according to TL. More polar than polar bears in fact.
Water also rusts steel wool, so duh do not leave it wet.

It is not like you are going to be sleeping under this thing, as it is more an energy tuning blanket, and Dr. Reich was not prescribing long sessions in his devices, so 2 to 20 minutes, if you start feeling odd, then you have had enough.

This Cherry Chi is really no different than anything else Reich or others have built, as it is all an orgone or energy gathering machine, so it is basically a cloud buster or pyramid, just on a different pattern.

Here is the basics of it. You are water and iron, with other base elements. You are both Spiritual aura electric and chemical electric, and your water as in blood absorbs energies both negative and positive. The metals in your body conduct that energy and magnetize or polarize to it negative or postive.
Your bones being liquid in calcium base, vibrates like all your DNA as an energy field.

The blanket is a non liquid version of you. The copper coil is an amplification of the energies the blanket gathers and the crystal is the induction point of changing DOR to POR or negative energies in you to positive as it does in drawing them out of the universe. Think of it as an electronic sponge drawing the poison from you like a poultice and allowing you to vibrate at the positive or healthy frequencies you are supposed to, before this contrary world poisoned you.

I will not be able to test this until I build a few of these, as I doubt a double layer as in laying on another blanket would matter, as this device draws in like a sponge......I wonder about intertwining the wire too.....allot of things that I would need a lab to monitor such things of different crystal shapes etc.. and conductivity.

Anyway that is the Cherry Chi Blanket, and no I am not selling these things nor selling the knowledge of this as too many on the stage are....and that means you brats can not steal this and sell it either.

It is up to you what you do with it.

Nuff Said