Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Cruz Preibus Arousal of 3rd World Rapists

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In looking at the above photo, taken by GOP chairman, Reince Priebus of his lovely wife, Sally, who does not make offspring who resemble their father, we have before us, a reality of the "Playboy Voyeur Syndrome", which is a psychological manifestation of some males, who upon jacking off to centerfolds, meld  this into "live time" in which they become aroused by "showing off their women" to others.
It is a sort of mutual jacking off in all the boys enjoying the same material.

The above was posted on Twitter,  and being public, one has to examine the psychology of the Priebus couple, in the wife is dressed up in camel toe shorts, in front of her non sexual children and then poses with them, and then posts this in public, where one is fully aware that it is full of lesbian and Mark Levin basement dwellers who are masturbating to photos.
It becomes a psychosis of symbiotic interaction, between perverted voyeurs being aroused and the "Hugh Hefner Reince" is getting a thrill of having Centerfold Sally on display.

Seriously, from what the Priebus photos are, one wonders if their picture window in their living room is open and the lights are on at night, so that everyone can peep at Sally, as it is all an "accident".

This is not something that is an inconvenient truth on the GOPliter chair alone, but his choice in Canadian Ted Cruz, with Heidi has a history of like upskirt shots, which are always "oh so innocent".
It is the old adage that a woman wears a low cut top, so do not be surprised males that she knows her tits are showing and that you are looking at them.

The reason all of this is important is that Reince Priebus and their wives are quite addicted to their perversion of the swarthy skins (Priebus is Greco African from his Mum and Cruz is Cubano Spanish from his Dada) to get themselves a blonde trophy American, who like Stan Ann Dunham had a jungle fever to be dirtied up and likes being the princess whore.
It is absolutely not a psychological glitch that Sally Priebus chooses constantly to wear cunt crawler shorts and picks the color white for virgin purity. Mrs. Priebus gets off on the fetish of being the good girl forced into dirty sex.

The reason all of this matter is this reality in Europe.

Raymond Ibrahim: Why Muslim Rapists Prefer Blondes: A History

Raymond Ibrahim: Why Muslim Rapists ... is *not* the same as raping or enslaving blonde women ... the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to ...

I will remind you again that the 3rd world roots of Reince Priebus and Ted Cruz, all harken back to this insider human traffick ring bringing in Muslim rape cock and Jesuit rape cock from Asia and Latin America. The story in this is beyond Lutheran, Hebrew and Catholic charities being paid so much per head by your tax dollars to bring in these Obama hordes. It is more than the millions being dumped into Europe, who are now missing, because they are flying into America, exactly like Obama's pedophile rape brother who was chasing little girls around in England, and is now in America.
It is the reality which Reince Priebus admitted to in Reverse Speech in the GOPliters backing Ted Cruz to stop Donald Trump, are ISLAM MONEY IS COMING IN to the GOP to fund all of this.

The payback is protecting all of these Muslim and Latin invaders who are nothing but disease infested, psychotic, raping murderers. Now you might not be in favor of such things, but the problem is that Reince and Sally Priebus along with Ted and Sally Cruz who are posting crotch shots of their wives, seen all over the 3rd world, so all of these Muslim and Jesuit animals, think that white women are asking for it.

You certainly are not asking for it, but the people importing all of these foreign rapists driven by Mecca and Vatican dogma, are advertising your female body parts with a "rape me" sign.

Every one of you needs to be aware of this, as this is not just the GOPliters in the Republican party, but it is the snatch lickers of Huma and Hillary, along with Bernie Sanders who wants to make pets out of their rapists.
Do not forget that Bernie Sanders wrote an article about women liking being raped and Hillary destroyed women that Bill Clinton raped, as this is what is all arrayed in stopping Donald Trump, for your genocide in Europe and America.

It is no coincidence that Ted Cruz, Reince Priebus, Hillary Clinton and image Obama unleashed on Melania Trump in smearing her, in trying to criminalize Ivanka Trump over Chinese scarves and have been on a junket politically raping Sarah Palin, Phyllis Schafly and Aissa Wayne, with the punchline of each of you is going to be facing rape multiple times in your lifetime now, and that includes little boys to blonde girls.

None of these sexual deviants from the Muslim and Jesuit rapists to Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton have any shame. They are nothing but a class of aroused beasts. Who takes sexually arousing photos, but people who are exhibitionists seeking voyeurs, and do not give a damn that they are spiking sex driven rapists on the innocents.
You are the innocents in all of this and this is your reality in your present and your future, if Donald Trump is not in the White House putting an end to this and deporting these 3rd world beasts to their own inhumanity. Priebus and Cruz are not going to stop this nor protect you, as they are couples getting aroused by the attention of rapists.