Monday, April 18, 2016



They return, but not to the most High: they are like a deceitful bow: their princes (those who run for power) shall fall by the sword for the rage of their tongue: (their lying fury of their diatribes) this shall be their derision in the land of Egypt. (land of their enslavement)

Hosea 7:16

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not ponder things when God gives them to me and if I did I might start plotting the PUR as the best time to release this information. I have known this since Friday evening, and have decided to release this Monday AM, for the reason that most people will be back at work and have internet access.

I am not going to do the Larry Nichols build up here, but will simply record what inquiry provided as of that date, for the expressed purpose of disrupting the time line again as this foreigner Ted Cruz has been allowed to make an utter ruin of things. What is as disruptive as John Kennedy stealing the 1960 Presidential election and his assassination in November 1963 has been unleashed, but it will be far more destructive amplified, because America is no longer secure as her ocean fortress has been deliberately invaded.

What follows is so "insider" that it has not even been spoken of to the "in the know" fringe of the loyal Americans who are around the GOPliters. This is the Reince Priebus Diary Entry in what is really being planned for the GOP convention in Cleveland.

The GOPliters have numbered the delegates and mark Donald Trump to receive 1145 delegates in falling short, due to vote fraud against Mr. Trump and America.

There will be a first ballot. Sometime in the second ballot, there will be revelations about Ted Cruz in his ineligibility, crimes and adultery. There will be something in the by laws about all of this in hearsay.
This group of non Trump conduits of the GOPliters will not vote for Mr. Trump, and some of the Trump voters will be blackmailed and being plants, will defect to "anyone but" on the second ballot.

This is where the conditioning will appear, as a candidate is going to appear. It is not going to be anyone who has run in the 2016 primaries. It is not going to be Mitt Romney or any politician. It is not going to be anyone in government. It is not going to be anyone in finance. It is going to be someone from the military.
This part puzzled me and I inquired if it was David Patraeus as that did not sound appropriate as he had been taken out in a honeypot operation. It was not Patraeus, but it is someone found in the Lame Cherry files, who harkens back to Plamegate, which was about the impeachment of Vice President Richard Cheney to be replaced by the globalist stooge who was then Secretary of State, where his minder Richard Armitage would then be Secretary of State, and that person which the GOPliters have chosen as the Republican nominee according to inquiry will be Colin Powell.

It really does not matter to me in the doubters and those who smear me, as I can put up hundreds of being right from STUXNET to Benghazi to the 2016 timeline to earthquakes and none of the signs matter. This is what the matrix is appearing with in an old timeline of Colin Powell was to be President now due to intrigue, is going to be the time line again for another globalist stooge to head the GOP ticket.

Inquiry states that the Vice President will be a former Governor of Utah. I have to check on that name.

Ted Cruz will be made to accept this. Donald Trump will be disgusted by this entire crooked process and will not run on 3rd party. This I have to check on something else.

My reason for posting this is to disrupt the time line again, and to prove to the Cruz boogers just how expendable they are, and everyone else who thinks they are so bright that they are ahead of this maze, as all of you are rats, and the only reason I know what is coming is due to the Holy Ghost.  Every bit of this which you think is reality from Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan to Mitt Romney has all been a feint in feeding deflections to you to keep you from seeing what is behind the curtain. Now you know Dorothy who is behind the curtain they are going to take your Ruby slippers as Tin Man Cruz does not have the heart, the cowardly Kasich has no soul and straw man Paul Ryan has no brains.

If people know this is the real time line, then they will begin to reject it. This may wake up the Cruz boogers to where their pied piper is leading them, as Cruz is so self absorbed in believing he is intelligent he has no idea this is coming. It is the intention to make you stand your ground early in having a focal point, so when the Oz behind the curtain pulls the strings, that you jerk them back hard.

I have to check things now and get this garnished up and posted for when you will be reading this.

OK Final Notes as I am back and you have no idea I have been gone or what I have been up to.

Donald Trump will not run third party but Joel Scoursen explained all of this in it takes too much effort to set up a third party, and Priebus has had this played all along in a 3rd Party has to be established by June when this is still being stolen and everyone still thinks this is the game in Trump and Cruz.
Donald Trump will though run as an Independent Republican if this Powell Proxy crime goes through. My intention is to secure the Republican nomination outright for Mr. Trump in exposing all of this.

Lastly, the GOPliter Vice President is Jon Huntsman jr. of Utah to run with Colin Powell.

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