Sunday, April 17, 2016

Indict The Conspirators Against Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

From the mouths of babes comes the reality of the fake charges against Corey Lewandowski and this person deserves all the credit in explaining the psycho bat shit crazy Michelle Fields.

For some background first, Michelle Fields charged that Allan West felt her tits once too. She has a serial history of screaming rape.

Now for what Michelle Fields was really up to:

Reply 4 - Posted by: Ida Lil, 4/17/2016 8:08:14 PM     (No. 10750740)
She could have had a winning case if only there were no videos--no SS bodyguards--and no intervention attempted by Lewandowski
Her target was saved from her zeal or her attempt to involve trump in a hands on scheme to ruin his campaign.
Now she has started a war on another woman .
Oh the dishonesty of it all. 

Yeah that is what this book whore was up to. She was employed by Cruz's billionaire who owns Breitbart, and her game was to keep clawing at Donald Trump, to get him to react in saying something or defending himself against her, in which the photos would have been Donald Trump bruising her up with the help of some more eye shadow bruises.
REMEMBER the Donald Trump question of what was in Michelle Fields' hand?

Donald Trump Asking Twitter What's in Reporter Michelle ...

Donald Trump's encounter with Michelle Fields proves the ... Donald Trump Asking Twitter What's in Reporter Michelle Fields' Hand Totally ... What is in her hand ...

What if that "pen" was not a pen? What if it was illegally recording Donald Trump........what if that pen was a hacker device which was designed by Robert Mercer, her employer, to open up and hijack the sim card, so that every message to Donald Trump could be intercepted to gain all the workings of the Trump campaign?

Call that a Lame Cherry exclusive again in matter anti matter.

Hackers Crack Hotel Room Locks With A Tool Disguised As A Dry ...

I've covered the hacker beat for Forbes ... concealable device ... "If you make customers more aware that this is out there, I hope that will put ...

The conclusion is now from what Michelle Fields did was staged for stopping Donald Trump and to promote her book. The question is now just how far up this went with assistance and knowledge.

If you do not know the creeps that are involved in the Cruz campaign, just visit the vote fraud, that Amanda Carpenter, that odd open letter writer with the Polish name, or this Michelle Fields, as she is the same Lauren Rose Batchelder.
She literally was positioning herself to claim her tits were grabbed or she was assaulted not by Corey Lewandowski but Donald Trump.

It is not enough for Field's book that she is still ranting about Corey Lewandowski though, but now she has decided to attack the wife of the Democratic Prosecutor, because as a business woman she had posed for pictures with the Trumps.

Fields suggested that Palm Beach County District Attorney Dave Aronberg’s decision not to prosecute Lewandowski after police charged and arrested him was unethical and motivated by personal concerns.
This is because Aronberg and his wife Lynn, a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader who owns a public relations firm, have been frequent visitors to Trump’s private club, Mar-a-Lago, and that Lynn Aronberg has posted numerous photos of herself posing with Donald and Melania Trump on her Facebook page and company web site.
“If my wife was trying to monetize her relationship with Donald Trump,” Fields told Stelter, “I would recuse myself from the situation and the case.”

It is always a great idea in little Pyongyang Florida to accuse the police state with guns for being corrupt. NOT.

In all legalities, Michelle Fields really needs to be brought before a Grand Jury and indicted as she is a serial screamer and you will notice the pattern is, she is sent in to bring down male political candidates the GOPliters hate and want removed from power.

The question in this is what did Ted Cruz know, when did he know it, and what part Heidi Cruz played in this coordinated effort, as Mrs. Cruz played in the attacks upon Melania and Ivanka Trump.

It is criminal to make false police reports, criminal to falsify evidence to the police and it is criminal fraud to attempt to entrap anyone in a crime they never committed or would ever commit.

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