Friday, April 8, 2016

Chuck Schumer Our Kind of American Assassin

chuck schumer iphone gun

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Charles Schumer has been not having a great deal to do in the Senate, so he had to go out and earn his pay complaining about a concealed carry cell phone gun.

See I like Chuck Schumer as he is the kind of American, that you know if some terrorist was going to nuke New York or had nuked New York, Chuck would be the guy stomping on the bullet hole in the shoulder you just shot into the terrorists in order to make him talk.
Hell Anthony Wiener would be pouring ouzo in the wound, and Charlie Rangel would be lighting farts over the terrorists balls to make him talk. That is what New York values are. They like taking tanks away from the public, because they would use them on others if they could get away with it.

That is the problem with Ted Cruz smearing New Yorkers, because they are rats locked into a psycho chamber and do quite well considering, and New Yorkers should be commended, as they are more of what America needs in beasty than the pussies in other states.

I do think though the gun industry needs to start marketing fag guns. You know dildos and things for Chuck Schumer to feature.


See those things look lethal to begin with. Sure some design features need to be incorporated like the head pointing the other way, and I really could care less if they went off in perverts, but the thing is, we need an entire line of homosexual sex toy guns.

Granted the Australians have some odd damn toys, but all the same, I suspect that someone could make a real rooter tooter gun out of something like that, which the BATFE could take home and test on the Mrs.

So that is the deal, create new arms that will sell in the safe zones of Sodom, and it will be more interesting for Chuck Schumer to make his presentations....maybe get Huma Wiener to do a "how to" demo with Hillary, as we all await for the big one to go off in New York, and turn all those liberals into what they really are, cut throat Americans just looking to administer some justice.

You know I am right about Chuck Schumer......and you know in a fire fight for your life at the Alamo, that between Cruz and Schumer, Schumer would be the one cutting ears off the Mexicans for trophies and roasting up their hearts as he howled at the moon, while Cruz would be the one rummaging around in the dead beaner's pockets for peso.