Friday, April 8, 2016

The Republican Pet Indian

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As I informed all of you to watch Republican Senator Mike Rounds of South Dakota in how the country would turn, and unfortunately this dispatch from Master Mike came across my desk.

Since taking office in January 2015, it has become clear to me that Indian Health Service (IHS) has not been providing adequate care to Native Americans, specifically in the Great Plains Area. Due to the inadequate and poor quality health care they have been receiving, tribal members have been suffering, and in some cases, even dying. IHS spends $9,000 less per capita than Medicare per enrollee and $2,000 less per capita than U.S. Bureau of Prisons spends on each inmate. Native Americans in the Great Plains Area have the lowest life expectancy in the country, highest diabetes death rate, highest tuberculosis death rate and highest overall age adjusted death rate in the nation. These statistics aren’t from a foreign country. These are South Dakotans. This is unacceptable, it’s time for IHS to get its act together and follow through on its trust responsibility to deliver quality health care to Native Americans.

Apparently Mike Rounds has been breathing Obama fart fumes and is intoxicated on the plumes, as for the record in this, the Sioux Indian is not an American, but a sovereign under Obama. The Sioux Indian gleans millions of dollars in welfare each year, as these people have since the 1870's. These same Sioux are the biggest recipients of mafia gambling thanks to John McCain, and are now buying lands, and voila, these same Sioux own more tax free federal land in South Dakota than South Dakotans.........and Mike Rounds finds it deplorable that Indians are not paying for their own welfare like Mexicans and Muslims, but that they should be getting even bigger handouts as Americans are rationed death in Obamacare.

If the Sioux are so in need, then let them sell their hundreds of billions of dollars in lands and properties, and become Americans. If not, Mike Rounds can find some pet rock to keep as it would be much cheaper for America than the Indian pet of Master Mike.

Oh and South Dakota just received another gift from Master Mike and Mutard Daaguard, in that wonderful Keystone XL just broke in their state, and the Canadians LIED about how massive the spill was, and now all that land in South Dakota is oil soaked in pollution.

But let's not think about such things, as Rounds passed one landowner bill, does not give a damn about the FBI murdering LaVoy Finicum or throwing Americans into prison as political prisoners, as Mike Rounds has his pet Indians and oil pollution.

For the record the Sioux came out of Minnesota. Send their asses back there or at least where they invaded from in Canada as the liberals up there seem to like to pet them and Canada has lots of land where Mike Rounds can keep his pets.

America first for Americans and if these Indians want American money and protection, then they can end the reservations and existing under their own laws.
For the record, the Sioux occupied the Black Hills, ARMED, poached game, and the federales didn't do a damn thing........unlike for LaVoy Finicum and the Bundy Patriots.

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