Saturday, April 9, 2016

Cuckers 4 Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I thought Mark Levin had a gun, was on his knees before Big Koch, has a fortune, is busy threatening everyone, and is part of the #ScaredOfTrump wet basement panty bunker small testicle recliner sitters.....and with all that, and Ted Cruz threatening Christians Arabs in favoring Jews............that is not enough, because Mark Levin needs a posse over at Conservative Treehouse to threaten Sundance for making a point that Mark Levin is a money laundering fraud like Jim Wright in books for crooks deals.

BREAKING: Mark Levin just announced he is officially #NEVERTRUMP!

Here is the threat against Sundance.

What we have here is an effort to try and intimidate Mark into silence. Aside from being stupid, it will, I can assure you, decidedly not work. There are few people I have met in life who have more integrity and are more seriously principled than Mark Levin.
To conclude? Buzz off, Sundance. And if you are, like me, a genuine supporter of Donald Trump? Then get back to the business of making the case for Donald Trump. That’s what will help nominate and elect Donald Trump and “Make America Great Again” — not this kind of trolling garbage designed to smear Mark Levin.

I just do not quite understand this in Sundance allows MOG's, that would be minder of the government on their site, and leaves smears up there about the Lame Cherry, all by hosts of professing "trump supporters" who care a great deal about everything Ted Cruz, his mic head trolls and seem to know more about Mark Levin's preferences in anal suppositories up Levin's ass..........and yet here they are trashing the Conservative Treehouse for exposing what a fraud Levin is.......just like Ted Cruz is.

Odd how all of these "trump supporters" are so dependably advocating for Ted Cruz. You find them all over the place making the mandatory disclaimers of "I am a Trump supporter" and then trashing the people writing things which are educating the public about what a fraud organization Cruz Inc. is.

Perhaps Conservative Treehouse should learn a lesson that the same Washington Times which scorch earthed them long ago has suboperational groups which are busy sowing propaganda lying about who they are, what they work for, and that Pope Glenn Beck forgives them of all their sins of lying, cheating, betraying America......while pretending to be for Donald Trump.

You do know that Muslim Sharia follows the same dogma of lying to everyone not of the group as the ends justify the means...........just like Talmud Jews and just like that most principled Ted Cruz, a Constitution shredder from Canada........who likes calling his Heidi wife a little bitch.

Odd how Mark Levin is such a pussy  that he needs like Ted Cruz all of these big strong keyboard trolls being paid to roam about and terrorize the Donald Trump supporters.

Always that way with these mouthy, back ally, 3rd world types whether Ashkenaz out of Russia named Levin or plopped out from under some cow shit in Alberta. Always successful at lying, cheating, stealing and intimidating folks, until they have to come out face the adults, which Cruz and Levin have to posse up as what do you really do with people who call their mouthy bluffs.

By the looks of it, I wonder if Sundance likes being cucked by the cuckers, in some masochist fetish that works out more than on the e screen........sort of going blind at the thought of Matt Walsh giving Sundance a whisker burn.....sorry facial hair burn as that is all the cucks have as they spank bondage boys keyboard lotioned hands.

Seriously as all this is serious, a note to Mark Levin:

In negative image, Mark Levin has this humongous cancer spot on his head. He needs to get that checked and cut off as I want him around for the People's Court, where it will be legal in Trumpland to hang Levin for high crime and treason against America, as Americans want Levin nice and healthy to pay for his crimes.

Damn that Levin looks like the devil himself doesn't he.

Cruz just looks possessed.

Matt Walsh probably looks like a homosexual's anus.