Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ted Cruz Before You Naked And Unashamed

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My children and my brats, I want you to relax for a moment and let your memory banks recall the past in stories you have heard, but have had submerged with the constant flow of information meant to wash facts from you memories, exactly like brainwashing.

Do you remember the Tea Party. Now do not let your minds shut down as you have been programmed to shut off subjects immediately and stop thinking, but think about the Tea Party which the Lame Cherry was a founding member of. Think about how exciting it was for you. Think how it was exploded upon the scene from.......cable news.

Think about how all of those people, from the right and left, were told by Harry Reid that the movement would disappear in 18 months. Think about the stories you heard about Dick Armey of Texas trying to hijack the party in leading it.........think about things you heard about Karl Rove tried to hijack the party, but was sent packing.
Think about how the Tea Party leadership at it's end, had leaders like Conservative GOP leaders in defense of family, suddenly had gay children appearing.......

I want you to think about that, in how odd it all seemed, in how you have patterns here, and proof, and how in all of this you just happened to have insiders, who are all now against Donald Trump, appearing to hijack the Tea Party.

Then think of Sarah Palin, the focal point leader of the Tea Party, how some greasy little snot out of Texas, whose wife was heading Goldman Sachs, worked for the Rockefellers in dismantling America, happened in Ted Cruz to appear by Sarah Palin, and hijack the Tea Party with all the things Ted Cruz was promising........
Same Ted Cruz who sold out to Harry Reid in  the Green Eggs and Ham, which never was a filibuster, but an agreed upon time limit on Cruz which Leader Reid of the Democrats agreed to.

The same Ted Cruz who worked for the Bush family, as did his wife, and the same Ted Cruz who now has Jeb and Neil Bush on his staff........

I want you to remember now the Gateway Pundit breaking a story about Phyllis Schlafly, in how her Conservative group, actually went on the attack against her, exactly the way Ted Cruz went after Sarah Palin with his Erick Erickson, Mark Levin and Glenn Beck billionaire funded media when Sarah Palin endorsed Mr. Trump, just like there were people Phyllis Schlafly trusted to put into power, and literally in secret meetings, they tried to dump this leader from her own organization.

The content of it was, that Schlafly, being over 90 was senile as Reagan before death, and had been taken advantage, do you recall a Lame Cherry headline about Chuck Norris being taken advantage of by the Cruz minders in trying to get Mr. Norris to endorse Cruz, and how it was joked about here, of Norris being senile in Ted Cruz taking advantage of Chuck Norris?
Do you think that pissed someone off in the Cruz group, and could not but help level that same charge as it stung so bad? 

“We have no respect for that man. [Schlafly’s endorsement] is going to be widely dismissed. At 91, it is just totally unfair to impose upon someone who has such a beautiful legacy … I think this was very much a manipulation. When you’re 91 and you’re not out with the grass roots all the time, it is very much taking advantage of someone.”

Look, I have told you there are MOGs minders of government all over the place. I get people phishing this blog often enough in a few dollars come in, and emails appear telling me  that I do not know what I am talking about, as you find these people are posting comments across the internet steering other webmasters.

I have told you that the Cruz boogers are e brain conditioned. That is why they are so heinous, as the human side has been turned off, and what you have is this cornered animal which will eat it's own.
In the Cruz group, there is an intelligence manifestation all through it, in one starts noticing people are in place, exactly like intelligence had Obama assets in place like Peggy Noonan and Jr. Buckley to come out and endorse Obama in 2008. Think about it, in people Phyllis Schlafly trusted, and in a Cruz moment, they are turning on her like a beaten wife does on cops coming to arrest her husband.

Ted Cruz has such abilities with people, as does the MKULTRA wing of the brainwashing sphere, in David John Oates caught Ted Cruz while "praising his wife" in connection with Donald Trump, called Heidi Cruz a "little bitch".
Heidi Cruz, a woman driven crazy and suicidal, is standing around while her children are being abused, and she is in meetings where Melania and Ivanka Trump are being savaged and criminalized, and this woman is like Hillary Clinton holding the duct tape as Bill rapes another one.

There are two types of Cruz voters, and they are both cut throat. One is a political minder who would like Cathie Adams stoop to the lowest attacks on Phyllis Schlafly and then there are the booger types who cheer at anything which hurts Donald Trump.

None of this is by accident, and as each of us can hear from the Reverse Speech of GOP chairman Riense Preibus, about getting in terror money from Muslims to stop Trump to buying off delegates in bribes, that they match exactly the headlines we are reading about Ted Cruz bribing delegates and paying off his sex partners.
Preibus said just that in Reverse Speech in paying off a lover. That points to that 500,000 dollars that Carly Fiorina received. That is all criminal and it is what Ted Cruz has.

I  am not stating that Ted Cruz is some mastermind in this. What Cruz is, is just an intelligence asset, who has a network of a suboperational group conducting psychological operations for his campaign, so it can be used to stop Donald Trump. I am stating though that Ted Cruz knows all of this is going on, as in calling his wife a little bitch, and he is absolutely kosher with it all.
If anyone bothers to look, I will refresh your Christian memories about Ted Cruz, in the only people he speaks of protecting are Catholics, Jews and Mormons. The only people he has attacked are Evangelicals and Arab Christians. It is all before you, but the Cruz boogers can not be expected to notice any of this as they are awash in the whirlpool of brainwashing, being constantly kept in a state of fear in drowning, so they never notice the things they would normally, which would have them running for their lives to Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz in Reverse Speech, said he would be the "best Hillary God ever had". That is exactly where he is politically and it is the most damning of all the things his sub conscious has blurted out. Hillary Clinton has been a Rockefeller minder of Bill Clinton from the start, and that is who Ted Cruz is, a minder of the Rockefeller or more definitive, the Prescott Bush group of National Socialists who were busy funding the Nazi before World War II, and brought hosts of them to America after the war.

I do not believe that Ted Cruz has a political center any more than those frauds at FOX that Obama's Roger Ahles hired from Chris Wallace to fag Shep Smith. Cruz sr. was a communist fighter in Cuba against American interests and somehow got into America without any education to appear at the University of Texas, and become a "right wing preacher funded by nation rapists Big Koch".
Seriously, would you believe it if Hitler's kid appeared as a Rabbi, or Stalin's kid was the next Billy Graham? Yet you believe Rafael Cruz the communist, and you believe that Ted Cruz is being honest in everything he says............

As his misogynist supporters continue to savage women in Sarah Palin, Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump and Phyllis Schlafly.........all true Conservatives, but once you cross Ted Cruz of the billionaires, you are an anti Semite as Mark Levin termed Palin, a whore as Melania Trump was portrayed, a fire hazard as advocates for Cruz in the Obama regime to take out Trump said of Ivanka, and now for the glue factory in Phyllis Schlafly.

I would tell you that you do not want to live in America which has Ted Cruz operatives in power, but I won't have to, because this group if it ever gains control of the GOP, is going to do more than bribe people. They will Finicum people dead, dead, dead, and if they get anywhere near the White House, there are going to be the piles of your dead bodies littering America, as they were around Hillary Clinton.

If people would just step back and look at the stories, and stop being swept away. Your lives are not going to end with Ted Cruz being exposed. There is nothing to fear, because you were alive and well before Ted Cruz appeared to make you vulnerable.
There is though a mental machinery in place all through Conservative established groups now and it is in process brainwashing and intimidating people from pulpits to podiums for this extremity of Ted Cruz. Phyllis Schlafly is but one of the many examples. If you let Preibus and Cruz steal this election from Donald Trump, you will be made an example of someday, because unless you are absolutely in lock step with Cruz, his forces go scorched earth on you in the most heinous of day it is a 91 year old woman being attacked and the next it is a new mother with an infant.

It is all before you, and you have no excuses.