Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cuckers with Crusty Cruz Twats

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Most of you have no idea what a whore twat looks like or smells like, but you probably have some ghastly image and thought of it being crusty, red, dripping and has a recoiling stench.......sort of like Ted Cruz has been described since his college days.
That is what I picture though after looking at the "columns" which have been funded by the billionaire oligarchs as smears against Donald Trump, as the GOP is nothing but a 3rd world brothel of the most disgusting sights, sounds and scents as these traitors to all that is moral, type out propaganda which is as skilled as Joseph Goebbels accomplished in the Nazi 3rd Reich, and it is all for Ted Cruz.

Just look at these headlines, because these cucks with cunts led by David Limbaugh are telling you things of the criminal plan to steal this election from you, and it all is part of the original Jeb Bush plot of balkanizing the Republican Party.

When you read the headlines below, keep in mind the Lame Cherry translation of what these cucks are really saying to condition you in a psychological warfare operation.

David Limbaugh translation: The GOPliters have blackmailed and bribed 1237 delegates.

Jacob Weisberg translation: I'm a Jew mafia guy and we just assassinated Donald Trump.

Quin Hillyer translation: Herd the sheep by spreading doubt that your Good Shepherd is dead.

Rush Limbaugh translation: Criminal election fraud is how we steal elections and call it winning.

Robert Eno translation: Rigging elections so Republicans think they have a vote and not letting them vote is what you people have, so shut up.

Mollie Hemingway translation: Donald Trump is honest and that makes him weak.

Trump on Ice
Jacob Weisberg
You probably had no idea that there were so many whores being paid by the oligarchs to mind condition you, but this is a revolving door on that Right Wing site of propaganda to smear Donald Trump daily. I am still laughing at the Rush Limbaugh weird science in explaining all of this in blaming Donald Trump for being cheated in what everyone had assumed would be an American free and fair election.

It gets old in pointing out the hypocrisy, but you know when Hillary Clinton does the exact same things to Ted Cruz,the above are going to be screaming bloody murder in how criminal, unfair and unAmerican it all is.

Ted Cruz is damaged goods. He has signed onto the Jeb Bush election theft plan, and violated thee entire psyche of what makes a Republican a Republican, in Republicans have it in their souls, that they are not Democrats and when you show up to vote, there is not some e vote machine changing your vote to Ted Cruz, or when you show up to vote, you are voting for Donald Trump or John Kasich, and not some delegate a month and a half ago as in Colorado, where your delegate would be replaced by a Cruz delegate and the petitions you were voting on, did not have Donald Trump's name removed.

See it is little things like that which Americans expect, and which Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush are criminally violating destroying trust in elections, and which the above crust cruz cunt cuckers somehow are leaving out of their billionaire propaganda in deceiving the public in a conspiracy covering up vote fraud felonies.
There is nothing American about the Limbaugh boys. They are whores like the above for a feudal system which is rationing you death, as it steals you blind, bankrupts America, and then shoots you down in the snow like LaVoy Finicum to bleed out.
Gordon Duff on the Rense program last night said something which I did take notice of, in "I have never been a Trump supporter, but that Ted Cruz is pure evil and must be stopped."
For those of you unfamiliar with the world of Mr. Duff, he is former law enforcement who sort of makes a living in the shadow world of mercenaries, arms trading, information......basically a world so evil that you really do not want to know about people who lure in little Slavic girls, dope them, rape them until they accept it, clean them up, and then put them into the clubs of Tel Aviv for profit. So when Gordon Duff notices that Ted Cruz is evil, he does have a knowledge of what evil is is, because he hears about it all the time. 

For those in the Cruz booger camp who have not figured this out yet, the criminal you are celebrating if he gets into the White House or if his counterpart in Hillary Clinton does. they are going to make the crimes of Barack Hussein Obama seem tame, because they are never going to allow themselves to ever be threatened again by an independent Donald Trump. That is what that Panama Papers was in part, in herding operation to get the last of the hidden independent wealth.
Whether it is Cruz or Clinton, the world is going to end under them, and as you have witnessed them turn on their own first, do not think that you are somehow going to be immune because you once sucked Ted Cruz off, because they will be coming for you first.....because politically, you are the first people they are going to betray and blackmail.

None of us are going to live in a world of Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz, but we will most certainly die in it.

- Lame Cherry