Tuesday, April 12, 2016

it is not the firearm it is the flame

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not believe Rush Limbaugh comprehends what is really at the heart of Americans, as he is Big Koch employed to talk down revolution again, and speak in terms of communist state inmates thinking in terms of exile, when what is at heart in America and Germany is a condition of nationalism, which harkens back to the best of these peoples common ancestral bloodlines.

I see in America and Germany a percentage, which is growing by evolution into not a nation of guns, but of flames.

There is a quiet in the public who are watching oligarchs like Mark Zuckerberg and cuckers like Matt Walsh with a devotional relish. It reminds me of Chief Lightfoot in Cahill US Marshal informing John Wayne's son, "If you weren't JD's son I would be having some fun".

I think of fun in the terms of these so abused peoples who have been robbed of so much, and how it is dawning upon them that instead of firearms in quick fury emotions unleashed, inside of them is the flame of licking fires of infernos who would think that burning down the plantation forest for fun that surrounds the mansion of these ivory oligarchs would be something to be cherished from their big screen TV's and a goblet of wine in their hands.

If one examines the forensics of fire, you can witness a great deal of it in the Jews demolishing Philistine homes. Psychologically humans are very oriented in extensions of themselves. Their homes, their cars, their jobs, their businesses and their cash wads, all define them. It is why God had the Israelites fire cities, because it is more than tempting the arsonist to keep the possession, but it is to disassociate the vanquished people from their identity. Deprive a despot of their identity and they do not know who they are.
Fire does that in vanquishing Jews in Jerusalem more than exile or Turkish rape cock. Leave in ashes all a person has, and General Sherman turned the Confederacy of State Rights into oblivion, more than all of Lincoln's musket and cannon.

That is what is fascinating in this Neanderthal age, as the focus is upon taking away of guns in carry and concealed carry, and the world is filled with lighters over the counter and fuels for containers overflowing.

Our neighborhood once had a comical character named Grubber for obvious reasons. Numerous bail piles were always starting on fire, and Grubber would be seen at every one. It took some time for this to be figured out, but the answer was Grubber with a cigarello and a book of matches surrounding it, could create his bonfires while not there, and then appear afterwards with the fire department to watch all those cleansing flames.

The police state pulls you over with a gun and they get interested. They pull you over with a lighter and it is just more of one more flame to start the grill.

The police states are all fighting wars of modern age with guns and drones, and the ivory tower elite are all dictating who the people should be ruled by, but a flame in the forest or at the drone port, is something the Molotov children have perfected in revolution and war which has brought down empires.

That is what puzzles me in the flat world of ivory towers in their announcements and mockings. They lust for the attention, but do not comprehend how the equalizer of all that has ever been, is in the embers of the hearts of millions.

What happens in Donald Trump as President if he revisits the remedy of President George W. Bush in Baghdad.
You do remember that right? You remember how the President ordered the US military to stand down, and the entire Iraqi population went into riot and looting in order to disrupt the Saddam Hussein ruling forces. The Jews had their two events of Purim under the Persians to settle the scores, so what do you think if an understanding took place of modified martial law in order for.......what was it Rush Limbaugh called them, "trumpster" to be liberated with flame and firearm for a few weeks.


'Delegates were decided, 10 seconds at a time'...


Trump calls process 'a disgrace'...

It is not the Sanders proletariat who do not understand the penalty of their natterings, for they are already under penalty in being criminalized. It is the bourgeoisie who do not understand the situation for the 1%, even with a police state is not the equal to the 99% of the mob, equipped with flames in the heart and the match.

So many billions, so upset with such long memories, and so many billions with so few bank accounts, that seem to be calling to the mob to come and take them back home.