Monday, April 18, 2016

Davey Jones Locker

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The American Indian was an interesting creature in they would pile up rocks and a stick as a message for the direction the tribe went, and it was all a moot point to the Americans.

Symbols are odd things, in if you know the code you know what the symbol means.

Pirates are another interesting lot in their Jolly Roger of skull and crossed bones. You just figure something is not right with dead bones about the place.

The original consumer warning labeling was XXX and everyone got it, as they knew it was not someone signing their first, middle and last name on a jug.

You just knew it meant someone bad was on the other side of that XXX......unless of course if you were an egg sucking cat, as people used to inject cyanide into eggs and leave them in nests to kill skunk and coons, the four legged variety, you lost your 9 lives rapide. That pretty much went out the window now though in civilized America as only Africans are allowed poison the beasties that eat them or their goats with Durafan from lions to hyenas.

I guess though sometimes good things await those in things like pirate treasure, as they always used an X to mark the spot. Then again, if you got caught digging pirate treasure it pretty well ensured your skull and bones washing out on the beach in some hurricane.

Witchcraft has lots of X's in it too, in crossing fingers and hoping to die, which is a really strange curse to put on yourself or to agree to, but once again that X just seems to have one lethal connection to it.

For some reason in searching for old cartoon character images of the deceased, Bradley Cooper came up. I liked him playing a gay German Fag in Alias......only thing about that show I ever found interesting.
You know Val Kilmer played a German fag too which was hillarious in The Saint. Maybe it is easy playing gay German fags as you only expect Germans to putting X's on your name for an exit from the fruitful plain.

Anyway happy faces get in on that morbid thing too, but apparently the tongue hanging out with drool is a necessary effect to distinguish that smiley is dead. It must be something like Tim Allen's wife seeing the red light going off in her car that the engine was going to blow up and she kept driving and told him, "Well I was waiting for the bell to go off".
I guess in the Obama age the millennials need tongues hanging out with drool to really prove that smiley is dead and not just suffering from X's across their eyes. 

Emoticon (Dead) by Greywolfiie on DeviantArt

I just do not know about signs in there is a big X in your upper right hand corner that is about closing things out and it makes one wonder if Microsoft was sending a plague message about Bill Gates polio vaccines for brown skin children. Is Windows a prophetic program or was Bill Gates fond of X marks over 3rd world tissue out of the womb eyes.

I never did see any X's on Davey Jones Locker, but then again, it sure was a career ender for that grosfag Johnny Depp....or is it that it kept his vanishing career on life support.