Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Malheur Refuge Tactical Operations

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is a released email from the Democratic Oregon Governors emergency response team, and in it there are the foundations for exactly what was taking place in Oregon, in setting up a mass murder of these Patriots.

In the first part of the email, it is revealed that the FBI was attempting to force the media, meaning the reporters talking to the Patriots to be stooges for the FBI in some form, and how the editors were taking a stand in not going to cooperate with a propaganda operation that Special Agent Gregory Bretzing was engaged in against the Patriots.

This then moves in the exchange that the FBI is furious over the Governor's office leaking information, along with all the other hicks from the sticks to the media and no doubt the Patriots. This then caused a complete shutdown between the FBI and the locals, which of course is illegal. It was so bad by the 11th of January, that Governor's office had to dispatch an envoy to spy on the FBI and get information back to the Governor.

It was already decided upon, that this was going to end in a blood bath, because NO ONE WAS GOING TO BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE REFUGE. There was not going to be immunity nor safe havens, and if you remember in what caused the ambush and murder of LaVoy Finicum, it was the reality the Patriots were in the process of moving to Grant County under the protection of Sheriff Palmer.

This is premeditated murder which was being plotted by mid January. It is definite as Oregon State Police was coordinating with the FBI and it appears as the Democratic Governor's office was out of the loop in not being briefed by their own State Police.

We can now witness what an absolute disaster this was in the deliberate planning. This was never to end peacefully and it was why the talking points always focused upon the danger and violence of the Patriots. The emails reveal everything and project out cause and effect. We can thank the governor's office they were such gossips and at least some of the media were not going to be used as court assassins, or all of this evidence would never have been uncovered.

Harney Co Texts
Monday, January 11, 2016 7:40:34 PM
The Hammonds are in custody
Thanks, Heidi
Reporter told by editor at opb not to cooperate with FBI investigation.
Ugh. New info: may be WW reporter not OPB reporter. Sorry!

Hi. I talked w/ Rich E this morning in greater detail about our frustrations, the weird
conversation, etc. He proposes that he will head back out Monday and stay for the
duration, and he will be our conduit in the chain. He thinks the leaks that have
occurred are causing fed partners to be more closed off, esp on phone calls where
they are likely in a room with other partners. He believes that if he is there in person
he can get info, walk out of the room & call/update us. This weekend both FBI SAC
and US Atty are in Portland so no activity planned.
He reiterated that there were not plans to offer *immunity* to anyone: they just
want the group to leave Oregon without loss of life. He also acknowledges the
acceptance of the offer of safe harbor will be highly unlikely and that this will go into
next week. There are tactical plans occurring and OSP a part of those planning
sessions. But that is to be coned for now.