Monday, April 11, 2016

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry wonders about child protection laws in children of United States Citizens, were purchased by British Elton John and Canadian Mr. Penis Hider, in another Equalz marriage farce gone wrong, because Elton John is claiming his husband never cheated on him, because he knew the Canadian fag was getting feces penis smell with other queers.

I wonder what fags queers are. I mean when you hear that Elton John had this beefy body guard and fondled him, and then said, "Show me your penis", it is just like how fag is that.
I mean any man wants to be commanded like, "Show me your cock!!!", as men have cocks and fags have penis...........a real man has a johnson, a tool, a crank..........fags have penis..........real men have rods, one eyed monsters, dicks..........fags have penis.

No man wants to show his penis. Boys have penis, and I do not want to go there in wondering what is going on with Sir Elton in that department.

Thing is Mr. Penis Harder, AKA David Furnish who does Elvis Costello gigs, was Tweeted in something about sex with a Daniel Laurence, in which I forget who demanded to have a penis shoved up their anus for  the scent of feces, but it happened, and apparently later a pool of olive oil wrestling took place in a threesome at the Elton John Mansion.........and Elton was not invited.

I suppose it is tough being an old fag like Elton and not having a suitcase full of Viagra to prop up the penis, and being married to a Canadian 20 years your younger with a suitcase of you are stuck at home nursing two little boys you bought off Americans.

It doesn't sound like anyone is around raising the children, with all this penis showing and anus inserting going on. Hardly sounds psychologically stable for children, and the next thing you know it will be dead pig head sex like David Cameron was up to......but at least England seems to have two Prime Ministers in the making who were birthed in  America.

As you can observe from the above photo, you can see those two little boys have no love nor recollection of who these two old fag strangers are posing with them. Only satan knows what they have been exposed to and are naturally rejecting, but now is the problem of another broken fag mansion, in what will happen to the children as Elton John appears more senile than sane and he could not handle his Equalz who was busy stuffing his penis into anus chambers when he should have been home raising the tots.

We need an international intervention of child advocacy rescue. I say Vladimir Putin should lure in Elton and the boys, arrest Elton and put the boys into the custody of the Russian Orthodox Church for education and exposure to Slavic women in fur.......

See a woman like that would make a boy into a man with a civilized cock that the Church would just love sending to Heaven.

This is the kind of woman that Elton John and fags need to make men out of them.

A woman like that gets ahold of Elton John and drags him around by his penis, puts a good Viagra scab on his dick and either kills him or teaches him how to hold his breath while face sitting to Don't Go Breakin' My Heart, and quicker than you can say "STRAIGHT", Elton will get his brain wiring back to normal.

That is all any fag needs really, just a woman to make a man out of them. Just need to go to the beefy girls to get the job done as Elton needs to get over his phobia of snatch, and nothing like a snatch that can suck you in and make you fight for your life to get you over your fears.

This is about the children though, and we need to have an intervention for these boys in protecting them from another fraud perversion called marriage.

Nuff Said