Monday, April 11, 2016

Spying on you from your own Utility Pole

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If you have never considered your utility poles in your neighborhood, you really should, as there are numbers of regulations regarding these PRIVATELY owned poles which bring electricity, cable and whatever into your homes.
The reason they are regulated is you can not put things on them like bird houses as it interferes with linemen doing their jobs in emergencies.

If someone put something on top of a pole, it would be a wonderful place for squirrels and hawks to set. The problem with that is the animals, then decide to move around, step on high voltage wire, ground it, and blow out your electricity.
Several years ago we had the damnedest time of lights flicking in Mom's house, and then they would go off for like a half hour and come back on. I started getting worried that we had a short in the house and it was going to burn down. By miracle though, we had a lineman come up and check on things and he said, "Oh I know what that is, I bet there is a wire bent on the transformer and that is causing the problem as I saw that before".

Sure as blessings come from Heaven, that is what it was and it floored me as  I had never heard of that problem before.

That is why no one is allowed to go crawling around on poles........meaning you poke holes in poles and they rot quicker,  and if you bring a truck in with a boom, you might get yourself electrocuted or blow out the entire power grid, so imagine the consternation of some Arizona residents who saw some big box on their power poles in their yard, reported it, and the utility company came out and took it down,...........and the BATFE finally confessed to get their property back that it was them who had been spying on people.

EVERY law enforcement agency is supposed to notify a utility of what they are doing in screwing around with the power grid, but the BATFE came up with some excuse that it was all legal in what they were illegally going into a neighborhood, without a search warrant, no doubt in the dark, and putting up huge black boxes.

Does any of this sound stupid in a land of terrorists? What if some homeowner saw some man in black on that pole at midnight and decided to shoot at them? What happens then? The BATFE murders the homeowner for being terrified people might be planting bombs on a utility pole to knock out the power grid?

None of this is going to stop, because the left cheers when LaVoy Finicum gets murdered, but this is the BATFE in your in they have to notify your Sheriff, which they did not........which means the BATFE is involved in Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.......meaning some organized criminal network is operating in this neighborhood, endangering everyone, and the BATFE has not told the citizens, but has decided to endanger them more.

Laws have absolutely no value when the Law is the Outlaw.

If you study the above photo, this black box is within falling distance in some wind storm of high voltage wires. The locals thought it was a camera, but I am betting it was a cell phone grabber for the entire community, in the BATFE was routing every net link and cell link in spying on everyone.......illegally.

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