Sunday, April 24, 2016


The above is a video capture of Ted Cruz rather stupidly hiding money under a pamphlet, and failing in his drop off to hand it to a person with his hand out, expecting the folded up cash, which Cruz then flashes in is Comrade Booger Group.

Ask yourself the obvious in how is it that Ted Cruz is handing out cash to people, as it is not to go out and get coffee, as Amanda Carpenter does that when she is not bent over a desk.

This is absolute proof that Ted Cruz was handing out cash, and if he did it once, it has been done hundreds of times, including by the Cruz campaign and only satan knows what else has been exchanged for "delegate votes"..........yes where has Amanda Carpenter been lately eh?

Post it and share it, as Cruz will try and say he is handing a 100 dollar bill to someone in line to donate to his Cruz donated 500,000 dollars to Carly Fiorina to keep her mouth shut about Cruz dicking her assistant.
Cruz is already stating this is a 5 dollar donation from some kid and Cruz is returning it to his campaign operative. The problem is the operative is facing Ted Cruz, and not like every other campaign operative as Corey Lewandowski, following Donald Trump to assist the candidate.

Cruz does not lean in as someone would normally do this to explain to an assistant, instead there is this awkward moment of cash being waved around, in the person expects it, but not in the way it had been agreed to.

What happens next in the Cruz campaign of excuses? Oh I did not want to offend that Muslim billionaire's 3 year old, so I took that suitcase of cash and gave it to my assistant to return?
Do you understand how this builds in there are standing policies that people do not get to give things to any candidate, because it is dangerous and it looks criminal.

None of this looks quite right, the response was too quick in explaining this..........and I would hint that just like the National Enquirer in women getting dicked by Ted, with Trump co chairs in Iowa having eyewitness accounts and this shows up in politico....someone has indictable evidence that Ted Cruz has been handing out all kinds of bribes like he did with Ms. Fiorina.

Yes an Iowa Delegate Tana Goertz stating on national media that she has evidence of seeing Ted Cruz bribery in action, as she is being smeared by Cruz hatchet man, Ken Cuccinelli.

This is building. Ted Cruz will go to prison for this.

Nuff Said