Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Ted Cruz Campaign Is Dead

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Ted Cruz for President Campaign is a stillborn, rotting discharge, aborted from the American political womb, of a nation naturally saving itself from the mutant GOP, a bastard ejaculated, from that cocksucking  Obama image.

- Lame Cherry

It is time to herald the cry, Ted Cruz is not viable on first ballot, second ballot, or any ballot. His campaign is dead, never to resurrect ever again. The GOP elite is through with this failure. Robert Mercer has discarded this fraud politician, and the Cruz boogers are fleeing the rat ship, all brought down by Ted Cruz, being Ted Cruz.

Let every Cruz voter know for certain, that it was not Donald Trump or any other creature on earth, who let you down. It was Ted Cruz who failed you and Ted Cruz is responsible for failing you.

Get on your hind legs, former Cruz supporters and get up and move, because Hillary Clinton wants to bury you in that Obama GOP abyss and Ted with Heidi Cruz are going to be sitting over your graves with 5 million dollar a year Goldman Sachs jobs for suckering each of you.

This ain't the Alamo, so get off your asses and remember your Bible and Constitution which made you Americans, and it was Ted Cruz who put you down into the dirt.