Sunday, April 17, 2016

gach duine isteach anseo

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Due to foreseen boneheads it bears repeating, GET OFF MY SITE to all the deadbeats under the penalty of Deuteronomy 28 from God. Go off to Limbaugh or go get your information from God and insult Him, as I do not need, want nor desire you dead weights.

Now my children, the Washington Times, that venerable extension of South Korean CIA published a most interesting reality of GOP chair Reince Priebus, which will make absolute sense when only you blessed children who have donated or are too poor to donate, are welcomed with the understanding of what is really going to take place at the GOP convention in Cleveland.
My purpose is to change the time line from the GOPliters in what will be revealed which of course will save all of you and unfortunately reduce the numbers of culls who should be consumed from off this earth.

Now for the synopsis of Priebus in Mr. Yue of Washington made the news recently in desiring to secure the nomination for people who have only run, and actually received enough delegates to be involved in the process.
Mr. Yue petitioned the RNC to change the rules from keeping the inclusion of the dictatorial House rules in which Priebus could eliminate every candidate and with a gavel nominate the GOPliter choice, to only the Roberts Rules of Order which puts the power in the hands of the delegates, both crooked and sincere.

What erupted in this was a Trump not a Cruz booger, but a Trump supporter on the Rules Committee shared with the Times a letter from Rules Committee Chairman Bruce Ash of Arizona, demanding to know why they had not been notified of Solomon Yue's request, which was met by Reince Priebus with a "well let's just cancel the meeting in Florida" which means Priebus would keep the House rules of dictatorship in order to overthrow the convention. 

“I consider this to be a major breach of trust,” said RNC Rules Committee Chairman Bruce Ash of Arizona.
A copy of Mr. Ash’s email to the Rules Committee was shared with the Washington Times by a Trump supporter on the Rules Committee who asked not to be named in the story.
The “breach of trust,” according to the Ash email, was the failure by Mr. Priebus‘ Legal Counsel’s office to notify Rules Committee members that Oregon RNC member Solomon Yue had submitted a rules change, to be considered at Thursday’s Rules Committee meeting.

Read the story and remember it, and then when the Lame Cherry publishes tomorrow what inquiry is pointing to from the matrix, and you will understand what I have been warning you of, and why tomorrow's exclusive in matter anti matter is the boogerman behind the door in this magic act.

I will not reveal anything more in this, but you will my children know tomorrow, and after being confounded again, and it soaks in, you will start to realize that it fits, and that this is what no one is seeing, because only thee ultimate insider group of GOPliters knows this plot, and that the Washington Times actually is confirming what you will read tomorrow in why Reince Priebus is lying to the Committee Chair and the Delegates.

If you thought what Priebus had Cruz illegally pulling in Wyoming, Wisconsin, Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Louisiana and now Georgia was evil, tomorrow explains what the wizard was doing behind the curtain.

I promise that none of you even considered what you will read, and that you will remember that it was the Lame Cherry first who outed Reince Priebus first based upon the work of David John Oates in Reverse Speech in Muslim terror money coming into the GOP and that there is a plan, and it is not the plan you think.

I attempt to save Donald Trump and all of you my children one more time.

God bless you my children and my nature's wrath wipe away this degenerate human race.

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