Sunday, April 17, 2016

bin Laden was not the threat that image Obama is

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Drudge Report was featuring a strange story of South Dakota has joined the ranks of direct deposit terrorists and for obvious reasons it was South Dakota Public Broadcasting which broke the story and not the GOPliter media.

Exactly as I reported in North Dakota importing terrorists by a Republican, the same is true in South Dakota. The interesting part is that Aberdeen, the celestial home of liberal traitor Tom Daschle, is the second site in South Dakota for terrorists......and exactly like North Dakota it is Lutheran Social Services doing this terror import.....exactly as was reported here that LSS was behind the Somali terrorists imported to Minnesota.

The damning thing in this is South Dakota has low unemployment........MEANING NO JOBS ALREADY, so why would the regime dump terrorists into a city which had no jobs?
The answer is, these terrorists are then supposed to invade other cities in this cow chip state.......and wait for it, just like it was reported here about Somalis, these Muslim terrorists will "disappear" into other states, as in your Muslim enclave states to make them all Neo Little Detroits.

This is how this is going to genocide you. Thee entire democrat and republican parties are GOPliters. They are using your tax money to import terrorists, and settle them for your replacement in all 50 states, where like in Europe they will disappear, until another San Bernadino takes place.

Just remember in this, that those millions of terrorists in Europe are not going to stay there. They are coming to America to join their clans here.

They are going to be armed with your Obama Big Gun and be raping your women and children with Muslim Rape Cock.

I post the story below, as it will probably disappear.

Muslim Gang Rapists in France: "The French are all Sons of ...

Muslim colonialism. It's everywhere you don't want to be. An eighteen-year-old girl got off the regional rail at √Čvry station, and made a call on her cell phone.


Aberdeen Possible Direct Refugee Resettlement Site

Apr 15, 2016
South Dakota could eventually have another direct resettlement site for refugees. A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war, or violence. Currently any refugees who migrate to South Dakota arrive in Sioux Falls or Huron. A number of them choose to secondarily migrate to Aberdeen, and officials are considering making that city a direct resettlement site.

Tim Jurgens is the State Refugee Coordinator. He directs the Center for New Americans with Lutheran Social Services. Jurgens says he and others are trying to figure out the number of refugee eligible individuals that currently live in Aberdeen, to see if there’s a need to make it a direct resettlement site.
“Currently if they secondarily migrate into Aberdeen, so they arrive somewhere else, and they secondarily choose to move, it creates a bit of an issue,” Jurgens says. “Because when folks secondarily migrate, you don’t necessarily have all of the information you want or need for effective integration. Secondly, the funding is not necessarily going to be there immediately to assist the community. And then third, it’s just that you don’t know what services they’ve already achieved or already had, so you have to really restart that process for appropriate integration from a delayed time frame. So those would be the advantages to being a direct resettlement site.”
Jurgens says a staff member from Huron is traveling to Aberdeen at least twice a month to begin initial services. He says he’s working with state government and local stakeholders. A new site requires letters of support stating they’re on board with numbers or programming. He says no decision has been made yet. Aberdeen Mayor Mike Levsen says he’s in favor of more refugees coming to his city.
“We need workers, and we certainly would be glad to have more friends and neighbors and more children in our schools and more cultures that we can learn from,” Levsen says.
Levsen says growth can come with challenges, but also opportunities.
Tim Jurgens with Lutheran Social Services says people with refugee status tend to move to a second site either to be near family and friends, or to find work. He says with the state’s low unemployment rates, he expects more secondary migration to other towns in South Dakota.