Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How to not blow your head Off

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Today my children and my brats we have a lesson to keep you from blowing your heads off or driving sharp objects into your brain so you die of shrapnel headache.

I use as an example in this discourse the 12.7 x 44r mm Swedish military cartridge in the 1870 vintage era Remington Rolling Block as a base.

For most of you, you have no appreciation of American Steel as manufactured by Andrew Carnegie, but you will rue the day that you sold all your junk to China and have been receiving back nothing but impure fractured steel.

In the era before Carnegie, there was Damascus rolled steel, pounded iron and various shades of grey of inferior steels, which were better than a club in shooting black powder with low pressures, but which simply will turn a gun into a grenade with smokeless powder.

First up, you can not mix and match cartridges or shells. You have to use the cartridge or shell which is made for the firearm, and the type of powder or you will create a bomb which will kill you.

The subject of this is a certain Swedish shooter who I do not know the name of, but I will call him Darwin Candidate. For DC apparently went out to the range, before it was en vogue to have Muslim rape cock assaulting your women, and arrived with this variety of cartridges. Rifles have cartridges and shotguns have shells.

As even a novice can ascertain, something was sort of wrong in this assortment of cartridges as none of them match.  I will post another approximation for you to get a novice idea in the below photograph which has the correct case length for the 12.7 x 44 and the other is an approximate of the 3 inch case of the 500 Express.

As you can see, from left to right, the length of these cartridges is not the same, but apparently the Swede decided to go for the gold in testing his old black powder gun, by stuffing in a nitro or nitroglycerin derived powder or smokeless, compared to low pressure black powder.
Add to this a greater powder charge in the 500 Nitro, a greater explosive in powder, and the reality that if you stick a longer cartridge into a chamber, it will probably be like a cork in a bottle, so the net result you get is this:

Followed by the shattered metal as shrapnel driving into DC's brain like a bullet.

I am certain this moron, most likely inherited or took possession of an old Rolling Block, and the person who owned it, had a nice collection of obsolete cartridges, like some people collect trinkets. The moron looking to go out and try his new toy, figured that cartridges are cartridges and in having a small penis, went Rambo and shoved the biggest one in first........which was the last thing he did, except die 3 days later.

If there had just not been that English elephant round in there, he probably would have just got by with a broken gun or going blind in one eye, but you simply can not be that unaware. Watching Bruce Willis movies does not make you a gun expert.

I do not mind so much the Swede blew his head off, sort of, but I do mind that the gun was destroyed. Swedes are being raped out of existence in their own suicide, and that is their business, but these damned Muslims are not going to be building any nice firearms, so the loss of the gun is the tragedy.

I doubt if most of you understood the half of the above, but you should have at least gotten the point that you check the barrel not pointing it at you or others, and on it there is in modern guns the caliber of that firearm. Then on boxes of cartridges or shells there is information if this is the correct ammo. If you are this DC though, it would be better to get someone who knows about firearms or someone at a gun store to explain things to you, because I honestly take this stuff for granted, but am amazed when more times than not, someone decides to reload or take Gramps' rifle to the range to try things out, and has not a clue that when the head stamps on the back of a rifle cartridge shell do not match the other shells, then there is a problem......like if one shell is 3 inches long and the other is 2 inches long......or you probably should not be shooting ammo where the brass is green and the lead is oxidized white as it was made when Columbus got off the boat.

I am still trying to figure out how this DC got that huge cartridge in that 12.7 chamber. It could have been tapered, but I am thinking he must have been banging it in with a hammer, which probably would have saved his life if it detonated outside the chamber.