Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ted Cruz killed Conservative

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Let us face the fact that from Ronald Reagan Conservative highs, for the past 30 years Rush Limbaugh has been suffocating Conservatism and in 2016 Ted Cruz shot it in the back of the head.

- Lame Cherry

That is the reality in this 21st century era, for from the near death experience by Barry Goldwater in 1960 with CIA asset Bill Buckley nuking the John Birch Society, those worshipers of Buckleyism have created genocide on the Conservative movement through Rush Limbaugh, and now Ted Cruz another intelligence asset of Goldman Sachs has ruined the Conservative label.

For those who do not think this is deliberate, let us review a few realities of the Limbaugh corp.

Rush Limbaugh is a numerous times married, Viagra carrying, non child bearing, not gun toting shill of Big Koch who suckered everyone in propagandizing that we have to change hearts and minds one at a time, and to trust in the election when for 20 years the Reagan Revolution languished under serial child rapists like Speaker Dennis Hastert and now Speaker Paul Ryan who can not pass liberal Obama bills fast enough.

Is Ted Cruz the most principled man in the Republican party as Rush Limbaugh keeps telling us? Is cheating on your wife numerous times, being a stooge of Goldman Sachs, spying on Melania Trump, coordinating with Hillary Clinton and calling your wife a "little bitch" in Reverse Speech, something of Reagan or something more of the devil himself?

As all of you are caught up in this, I am informing you that what Ted Cruz did was deliberate. He was chosen, to so tarnish the Conservative label, that you can not tell if it is Ted Kennedy from the grave or Ted Cruz from Canada, because they are both exactly the same political demon.

Being a Conservative with Ronald Reagan was a badge of honor, but under this spree of fraud, it is now so offputting that the political movement is dead, dead, dead.
HW Bush coined the L word for Liberalism and now HW's group has made the C word the greatest pariah in America.

I cringed when I heard Rush Limbaugh ranting about "poor people eating", but that was nothing, because look at the Conservative label under a few months of Ted Cruz:

  • In Iowa Ted Cruz and sex mate Amanda Carpenter lynched black Ben Carson
  • In South Carolina Ted Cruz ran the dirtiest campaign in history against Trump and Rubio
  • In Texas, Kansas, Maine, Alaska, Wisconsin, Colorado, Wyoming Cruz committed vote fraud
  • In Louisiana, Georgia and Missouri Ted Cruz stole delegates
  • Sarah Pain, Phyllis Schlafly, Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump were all politically raped by Ted Cruz

This is the Ted Cruz label, surpassing his foreign born mate in Birther Hussein Obama in crimes against America and against women. 

We now are told by Rush Limbaugh that "cheating" is winning. We are told by Glenn Beck and Heidi Cruz that this is the face of God. We are told by Ted Cruz that this is what a Conservative is.
The problem is that over 75% of Republicans now and 100% of Democrats want absolutely no part of the Limbaugh Cruz conservativism, because this is the kind of 3rd world despotry you hear out of Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe.

For every one of us on the right, this did not happen from a bullet to John Kennedy's brain and Lyndon Johnson nuking Barry Goldwater. This came from inside the GOP by the GOPliters of the HW Bush political machine joined at the hip with Hillary Clinton's NEOCON's the New Conglomerates.
Each of us is not stuck with this tar baby without any solvent to clean this disgusting creature up, as the conglomerates created this propaganda disaster and Limbaugh, Beck, Levin and Hannity have had us defending sodomy, aborticide, criminalizing Americans, and our rapine by the Big's in everything from oil to pharm as a 1% rules over us in this gulag.

The damage is done. The Conservative label is a pariah now. A more thorough job could not have been accomplished in the destruction of an ideology which empowered every person in the world.

All that we have left is Donald Trump nationalism with right wing values. If Conservative ever appears again in true form, it is going to require principled individuals with the greatest of character, who are irreproachable, and by the ruined "conservatives" and those who fled from Larry Craig to Michele Bachmann, there never was a politician who could conduct himself with any honor as Ronald Reagan did.

Look at your icons in how the outside world sees them. Obnoxious pasty white people who buy Russian children like Laura Ingraham, Homo Hannity, lounge lizard Limbaugh and the uncivil Mark Levin and open borders Erick Erickson with the crazy Glenn Beck as Megyn Kelly fucks her way to the top and Bill O'Reilly beats on his ex wife.
Sodom had more moral rapists in it, than the right wing media.

Conservative is dead and it was deliberately sodomized, raped and murdered by ilk who were never Conservative. Ted Cruz is the one who put the bullet into the back of the head of the Reagan Revolution, but he is the last of a long list of pariahs who made a fortune off of the corpse of Ronald Reagan, and robbed us of our movement, because we trusted these creatures and never dreamed anyone could be that devious in lying to us like satan.

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