Thursday, April 7, 2016

I have touched the world, and it is Hollow

Just because it bothers you to see someone's brains blown out on their wife, does not make the headless person innocent.

- Lame  Cherry

I listen to numerous people who were so horrified over the assassination of John F. Kennedy, from Jesse Ventura in naming JFK a hero or Jeff Rense, calling everyone who did evil, and I instead ask the question of, "Just what is it, that would meld Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, Allen Dulles, J. Edgar Hoover etc... in both sides of the political spectrum to agree to an event in which John Kennedy would have his head blown off, with a mercury filled bullet to so horrify a nation, and  they would all cover it up?"

We all know the pet reasons, in JFK humiliated LBJ. JFK stole the election from Richard Nixon, but in an era of Leave it to Beaver and Gunsmoke, what would cause men from the Republican and Democratic parties to agree to an event which would leave such a national scar?

For those who do not have any idea what I am speaking about, I would suggest you listen to the defining work of Reverse Speech pioneer, David John Oates, on the Rense program with remote viewer Dick Allgire and historian Tex Marrs, to begin a journey on reality, in what all of the above nationally known people knew.
In it you will find a course of events that involved some key points in J. Edgar Hoover oversaw the operation in the shooter and the cover up. The Mayor of Dallas handled the situation in Dallas. LBJ handled the situation in Washington. Gerald Ford and Justice Warren were both in on the sham of the cover up. Richard Nixon knew of this operation, and in reverse speech, indications keep coming up on the inauguration which either was in 1961 or could not be in 1965, as something was driving these men to judge John  Kennedy guilty of something to make his execution public.

I have told all of you that those behind this dirtied every one's hands up, from Paris to DC, and JFK helped upset the status quo on numerous fronts.

For a review of JFK's activities based in reality:

JFK and RFK tried to get the US Courts certify being a Conservative as a mental illness, and were in the courts attacking a US General over that charge in ruining him.

JFK abandoned the Bay of Pigs liberation of Cuba.

JFK, if not for a lone Soviet submarine commander who refused to fire his nuclear missiles in the Cuban Missile Crisis, would have ended civilization.
For the record when Jackie Kennedy asked JFK if they were going to the bunker, he told her no, because the world would not be worth living in after his nuclear war.

JFK rolled back  the nuclear missiles placed into Turkey as a check to the Soviets.

There were the currency situations, but those were being initiated, and not in process, when the plan was formulated to assassinate the President in public. There had been two other attempts, and Dallas was the last chance to stop the inauguration of 1965.

It was the far reaching contacts with Soviet leader Khrushchev which were disturbing the balance of power on both sides for the cartel rapine of both nations, in overtures of "peace", which appear as the driving force at the base of all of this, and of interest three names appeared in the Oates reversals with full knowledge of this assassination, and they were Dwight Eisenhower, Prescott Bush and his son George HW Bush.

Richard Nixon in reversals the day before the assassination simply stated, "BUSH IS EVIL", and it is evident that this carpetbagger for the cartel with European Fascism for profit in Prescott Bush was the catalyst in all of this, not for the military industrial complex, but for the order which had created the military industrial complex, and now having destroyed that venue, has created in the 21st century the socio conglomerates to rule through.

We know for certain that Prescott Bush was the conduit who brought Dwight Eisenhower to the 1952 GOP convention. The following photo says it all in schoolmaster Prescott Bush is lecturing his boy, President Dwight Eisenhower on how the world will be managed.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce (co-founded by Samuel Bush) publicly proposed a plan to control “subversion” that would resemble the Patriot Act of Bush’s great-grandson’s Presidency in 2001.

He personally recruited Dwight D. Eisenhower to run for president. He and his fellow war profiteers would be bitterly disappointed by Eisenhower’s warnings against the military-industrial complex….but that was in the future.
Bush also pushed for Richard Nixon as Vice-President, and was a major donor to Nixon until well into the 1960’s.

Richard Nixon was primped by Prescott Bush, in dressing him up as a mini Prescott. You will remember that Richard Nixon was taken out by the Watergate coup, when he began Detente with the Soviets in the same measures which John Kennedy had begun a decade previous.

In reversals, Dwight Eisenhower tells LBJ, that "I made you", meaning part of this execution was placing LBJ into the White House, by Dwight Eisenhower.
People do not want to face the realities of life, but the realities of life are that the cartel which brought the Paperclip Nazi into America, and installed Dwight Eisenhower as President, and then overthrew the Nazi for the Marxists for the later Obama, were simply using parts of America to a greater end, and in 1963, that part was a coup de tat, against John Kennedy, an election thief who had almost blown up the world, and for reasons not yet conclusively discovered in Reverse Speech, every one deemed it necessary, not to poison John Kennedy to make him go quiet, but to blow his head off, to literally scar a nation and send it on a path which it is embalmed in, in the 21st century.

The collective now appears as such, that Dwight Eisenhower was the "cover" of this operation, as what Dwight said went. Prescott Bush and son HW, were the cartel OSS link in the melded military industrial patriot complex which they were moving. LBJ was the cover on the Democratic side, along with Justice Earl Warren, and Gerald Ford in Congress. J. Edgar Hoover ran the cover up and the assassination.........

and before I go further, I will inform you, that each of the above thought they were running their part of the operation, but foreign intelligence was involved in this, and if you listen to the reversals, the Jewish Knesset, keeps popping up as being involved.

I will provide you a bigger 9 11 type hint which happened in America, using the cover of American assets as in 1963, that Muslim Turkish missiles upset not the balance of power with Russia, but the Jewish state which Kennedy was banning from receiving nuclear help.....which indeed under LBJ had nuclear material smuggled out of America to Tel Aviv, so the Jews got their bomb and their hegemony until Bush41 infuriated Moscow's KGB which started selling warheads to Iran and Iraq, and Saudi Arabia created their bombs in South Africa, and then in Pakistan.......

You ponder that reality in what was really driving the JFK assassination and has been hidden, while you look at patsy Oswald, LBJ, Nixon and Hoover.
For the record, Oswald knew of the assassination for months and said so in reverse speech in New Orleans interviews. He was as stunned and confused though after the assassination as anyone, as he began figuring out he was the fall guy, and in reversals before he was silenced, Oswald was  stating he was going to tell the world who was behind the assassination, as soon as he obtained legal counsel.

A review of the Warren Commission is a review of the conduits who created this sham, for the "good of America" as they were led to believe, when all of this was based in another nation in the Mideast whose real aristocracy had a much greater prize to protect in Jerusalem, which is yet to be revealed.

As you review the below, do not overlook the John Sherman name, because his family namesake was General William Sherman's brother after the Civil War, and the chief conduit of the European Rothschild takeover of America.
You are looking at a list of the cartel proxies who thought they were doing something to protect America from the Truth.

General counsel
Assistant counsel

All of this becomes cluttered and more cluttered as human emotion becomes involved and makes heroes out of people who get their heads blown off, and chuckles about infidelity, when all of these JFK realities were manifesting something which placed him on a list, and he had so offended everyone, that when the cartel came whispering, everyone became convinced that this was a necessity.

My sincerest hope is that David John Oates and his students continue on with this work, because there are interviews and statements which reveal the complete leviathan of this, in how it rose from the sea of humanity and constricted those appointed to power to only one choice.

I know that none of the above ever knew beyond their compartment, what was really taking place. J. Edgar Hoover's information was that he had on his hands a President in a nuclear cold war, who was a traitor in what John Kennedy was "back door negotiations and blackmail" in placing the United States in jeopardy.
Every one of these people at the American top, understood that John Kennedy ended America by nuclear destruction, and it was one Soviet who did not fire. That is absolute failure and was one of the key parts to leverage these minds. The catastrophe of John Kennedy was about to be re elected in 1964 and the Kennedy mission was to disarm America. For this select group, it was more than Korean and Vietnam profit wars, it was America could not deter World War III without nuclear weapons, so the Asian hordes would indeed leave only Island America behind her ocean walls, before an Alaskan invasion began.

I do not make excuses for the Americans, but create a base mindset for the actions they were led to, which were logical, as the Kennedys were presented correctly as enemies and traitors to America, because LBJ and Eisenhower were not going to sign off on Prescott Bush saying, "Yes let us blow off John Kennedy's head, because the Muslim bomb puts our Shabbatia Zvi control over Jerusalem in jeopardy".

You instead find these strange bedfellows popping up, in seeming to make no sense, except they were presented with a common political traitor, and upon reaching that conclusion became allied.

LBJ Foundation Honors President George H. W. Bush with the ...

LBJ Foundation Honors President George H. W. Bush with the LBJ Liberty and ... In a letter to Prescott Bush, ... George H.W. Bush Given Lyndon B. Johnson ...

I can tell each of you, including the self righteous, that you would have signed off on pulling the trigger on John F. Kennedy too. I know this because I observe the excuses you make through conditioning for Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz, to name a few current manifestations. The protocol is always to psychologically manifest a wrong in the individual, paint them into a corner, where only one conclusion will be reached that the person never would contemplate on their own, and then join the individual to a group in the crime, so they will cover up that crime, and protect the real progenitors as revealing them, would entrap the original group.

For the first time in your lives, you are peering outside the reality upon a path you were never meant to see. You are confused by it, as it is not how you have been conditioned, and it is not how you think the construct should be.
I hope that David John Oates continues on, as the answers are there, but not quite where he is looking, because I suspect that soon enough, some intelligent person is going to lip sync a codex onto all of these files in computer generation, and all of this old audio will simply be blank EVP static.

I have touched the world, and it is hollow, the sky is not there and the earth is not what it seems.

Ben-Gurion is said to have been "nearly obsessed" with Israel obtaining nuclear weapons, feeling that a nuclear arsenal was the only way to counter the Arabs' superiority in numbers, space, and financial resources, and that it was the only sure guarantee of Israel's survival and the prevention of another Holocaust.
Ben-Gurion stepped down as prime minister for personal reasons in 1963, and chose Levi Eshkol as his successor.

President Harry Truman Meeting with Pm David Ben-Gurion (Seated) and ...

David Ben-Gurion's grandson Yariv Ben-Eliezer (L) and former President ...

David Ben-Gurion's grandson Yariv Ben-Eliezer (L) and former President Harry Truman's Grandson, Clifton Daniel Truman light a Menora at the George Bush Whitehouse, December 2008.

 If you desire to know the JFK assassination, USS Liberty, 9 11, understand Lavon, for that is where they began.

The Lavon Affair refers to a failed Israeli covert operation, code named Operation Susannah, conducted in Egypt in the Summer of 1954.[vague] As part of the false flag operation,[1] a group of Egyptian Jews were recruited by Israeli military intelligence to plant bombs inside Egyptian, American, and British-owned civilian targets, cinemas, libraries and American educational centers. The bombs were timed to detonate several hours after closing time. The attacks were to be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian Communists, "unspecified malcontents" or "local nationalists" with the aim of creating a climate of sufficient violence and instability to induce the British government to retain its occupying troops in Egypt's Suez Canal zone.