Thursday, April 7, 2016

Trump Wall of Economic Prosperity

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have judged that the Trump Wall is so important to the Trump Revolution, that I will weigh in on the matter, in providing insight and direction, upon which Donald Trump will build the American Wall.

Firstly, this is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. This is important as Lame Cherry knows all.

Now, I will build the Trump Wall in the first 100 days of the Trump Administration. I will do this by using deep earth tunnel borers, which are already available as the above photo reveals.
These tunnel machines, melt rock and whatever to magma, and coat tunnel walls to a glass like substance. For my purposes, I will with these machines produce an 80 foot by 80 foot moat, 100 miles into Mexico, which is historic Texas land in the first place.

These machines in producing magma will have it pumped onto structure to produce a 100 foot high, beautiful Trump Wall, with complete infrastructure apartments, as I mean to make this the most lovely of creations for Americans.

As stated the Trump Wall, will have housing in it, where Americans who have voted for Donald Trump, will have 100 miles of Trump Territory, to develop for their profit, and if they choose not to, then they can sell it to someone else who would care to be a homesteader.

My reason for this Trump Territory Security Zone, is I am not going to give one inch of America for this wall, and I am not going to put our Rio Grande River outside of our Trump Wall. If one is going to build it on the south side of the Rio Grande, one might as well build it 100 miles into Texas lands and liberate them from the chemical dope death grave that north Mexico is.

I will have two cities at each end of the Trump Wall, East Trump and West Trump. They will be connected by a 200 mile per hour train in the Trump Tunnel.

This enterprise will take shit hole Mexico and turn it into a 200 trillion dollar Trump economic zone.

I deem that in a few years, we will make this the 50th State in the Union, and simply allow Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, to annex what was Minnesota as their thugs are guilty of treason and terrorism. No state should be allowed to exist for that purpose.

I will have nice Trump Turrets on top of the Trump Towering Wall, with minefield on the Mexican side and 1000 yard rifles to kill any Mexican daring to wander into that zone for security purposes, and a nice razor wire fence.

I will construct this wall from the east and the west, and as these tunnel devices move 7 miles per day, it will be a very quick project, including extending it into the Gulf of Trump east and the Gulf of Trump west.
I also deem Baja California as a waste for Mexico, and will annex that peninsula, with a wall at the border, and a beautiful wall securing that lovely region also within the year.

All of the Mexicans will simply be moved to the Mexican nativity, along with the Obama invaders.

I also have heard the call from our Canadian brothers and sisters, in lusting for the honor of being governed by Donald Trump, and as most of these fine Citizens are former Americans from 1900 AD in the year of our Lord, I will next build a wall along the Red River of the North from Hudson Bay to Minnesota and then down to Lake Superior, and this will be part of the Trump Union too.....of course deporting all the foreign ilk imported there.

As a hands across to the Putin, I will next offer a Putin Wall for eastern Russia, which is being invaded by Chicoms, and of course the Chicoms will be made to pay for it, and that way in this gift from Donald Trump, President Putin will know that the Americans want him to have a long and stable rule.

I like the idea of this for Taiwan, Cambodia and Vietnam too. Beautiful Trump Walls to secure their borders and make into nice tourist hotels or other things to please the Asian mind.

So that is my efficient, quick and massive economic surge for the Trump Wall.  I would simply name the Canadian Trump Wall, the Stephanie Line, with fitting French decoration as Montreal appears at Christmas time.
America should be from the Rio Grande to the North Pole, filled with Americans in their homes, and millionaires one and all, because there is so much prosperity all through the land.

This is a reality with technology which has been in place for a generation, as America has reams of tunnels all through it for military reasons, and it is time that the Civilians get something out of this.
This is what can be accomplished with an American in the White House doing American things and with American "Yes we can!"

Let us all listen now to John Phillips Sousa music.