Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Proof Ted Cruz is Not an American

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is no more certain proof than from Ted Cruz's own mouth that he is not an American, because he simply can not understand why real American naturally expect these simple things:

  • Americans vote in elections.
  • Americans expect that who they vote for wins the election
  • Americans expect those rules to never be violated.

Senator, I don't know why you're mad... 

An American by instinct knows that lying, cheating and stealing is wrong. An American knows that you win by following the rules or it is unAmerican.

See Americans love dirty tricks like democrat Dick Tuck, who hired an old woman to come up to Richard Nixon after he lost the debate to Kennedy, that Nixon would do better next time. That is what Americans appreciate in good humor, not some Cuban seeing what he can stick his cigar into to light them up by vote fraud and bribery.

Tedwardo Cruz is unAmerican in body, mind, spirit and heart if he has one. That is the reality in he can only be one of two things:

  • Ted Cruz is either the greatest political moron who can not comprehend that his vote fraud is destroying the Republican party and will ruin his and ever GOP candidates election in 2016
  • Ted Cruz is the ultimate Fidel Castro communist agent produced by his communist Castro fighting ally, handing out leaflets with Lee Harvey Oswald, for the genocide of America.

Those are the only two realities in this, as Tedwardo's ranting at Homo Hannity reveals either stupidity or arrogance.
The reality is that Ted Cruz is destroying the Republican party and that is the fact. It is so catastrophic that the Republicans in the Congress summoned Reince Priebus today, to tell that bore that what Priebus and Cruz are initiating is going to repel voters so much that the Republicans are going down to a landslide defeat if Ted Cruz is anywhere near the November elections.

The only question in this is the original two questions of is Ted Cruz a moron or a communist sleeper agent meant to destroy the Republican party for Hillary Clinton.

Just try telling the Limbaugh line to your spouse about it is not cheating and only winning, when you get caught winning the phone number of someone at work and there is nothing about that in marriage vows.

The American Constitution is a Covenant between People and Government to keep it from becoming a regime. A Covenant is a Testament and a Testament is a Marriage. There are rules in a Marriage that one does not violate, but this adulterer Cruz can not keep from fucking other women or fucking the American People over in his "definition of IS" philandering like Bill Clinton.

Ted Cruz questioning American Sean Hannity over Americans furious over election fraud which Cruz thinks is legal in bribing Delegarchs is the inner soul of Ted Cruz.