Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Stocking the Terror Plot to Murder LaVoy Finicum

Oregon Military Department Press Release

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the emails released by Governor Kate Brown's office in Oregon, over the Bundy Patriots in their protest at the Malheur Refuge, there are far too many from a flame thrower mailing the Governor, and for some bizarre reason the Governor's communications director, was constantly emailing them to everyone in the regime.
The content literally is about undermining both the FBI and the Oregon Government, in pitting them against each other, and calling protesters as terrorists.

When someone keeps calling fire in a crowded theater, a stampede will ensue eventually. This is what took place in Oregon, in fiery propaganda was the conditioning to people in Oregon government to expect a mass murder of the Patriots.

There were also calls to shut off all electricity, water and whatever else to agitate the situation as "war" was being called for against Americans.

Constantly forwarding these emails to government officials was criminally irresponsible in the darkness of what took place, as this kind of rhetoric mailed a Governor should have been forwarded to the State Police as this was nothing of Free Speech, and as other emails record that Special Agent Gregory Bretzing was trying to intimidate the press into smearing the Patriots, so the question is, was this type of email and writer, something the FBI was really funding and promoting to condition the people of Oregon.

Kristen Grainger
Director of Communications
Governor Kate Brown
(503) 378-8197
Begin forwarded message:
 Richard GGNW <
 January 8, 2016 at 10:47:42 AM PST
 Interested Parties <
>, <
>, Heidi Moawad
>, Kristen Grainger
>, Kristen Leonard
>, <
>, <
>, <
>, <
It's Governor Kate Brown Versus the FBI's Gregory T.
Bretzing. My Money's On The Gov.
The Bundy bunch are NOT a militia they are
Oregon FBI Special Agent in Charge Gregory T. Bretzing is calling the
shots not sheriff Ward.
Harney county sheriff Ward has NO authority
to address the terrorists demands.
The real standoff is not between between terrorist leader Ammon Bundy
and sheriff Ward but between Oregon governor Kate Brown
 and Oregon FBI Special Agent in Charge
Gregory T. Bretzing. Brown, quite rightly and with the
support of most Oregonians, wants these criminals
off federal property and into jail - immediately. Bretzing, who is afraid
any action he takes could look bad for him, has done nothing and
intends to do nothing while letting sheriff Ward take all the heat. Some
would call that neglect of duty, incompetence or even cowardice.
Brown can trump the FBI's "leader" Bretzing whenever she is ready to
declare an emergency, which it is, and call out the real militia, the
Oregon National Guard. Reporters should be covering the Brown versus
Bretzing battle much more closely.
They are the only two power players on the board.

Richard Ellmyer
Portland, Oregon
The Ellmyer Report, political commentary distributed to more
than a quarter of a million Oregonians as well as local, state and national press